Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

First Impression, Gracepoint

The first episode of Gracepoint, the American re-make of the BBC Broadchurch, aired last week. Now one caveat with the look at Gracepoint, is that David and I watched and loved Broadchurch, so there was definitely a high standard that we were and are holding this show to. Unfortunately the show did not quite meet that standard. Some of the problem could revolve around the fact that we kind of already know what happens (even though there are claims that the ending could be different). It is difficult watching something when you know what is happening, but everything just feels slightly off. I think one of the problems though is that the characters were so good in the BBC version and the characters in the American version just fell a little flat for me. In the end the big thing is that there was nothing that grabbed my attention enough to make me want to really continue watching. (Spoilers for Gracepoint after the jump.) Continue reading