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Doctor Who, So Far

We are now 5 episodes in with the new season of Doctor Who and the new Doctor. There are some things that I am noticing about this season that I am really enjoying that I think works with the change in Doctor.

By this point we have gotten a good look at who Capaldi is as the Twelfth Doctor and personally I am really enjoying it. You can see my initial reaction to Capaldi from an earlier post. At the same time we have definitely gotten a deeper look at who Twelve is in these first few episodes.

The other piece that has been really nice is that I feel like we are finally getting to know Clara as a person instead of a mystery to be solved. The relationship between Clara and the Doctor has been so pronounced this season and I think is really helping to develop that character more. The episodes in general have been great because they are both stand-alone, but also with some overarching themes or plot elements. At the same time you could step in to any of the episodes and probably have a good idea what is happening. Doctor Who, so far, I think has been a great ride and personally I have really enjoyed all the episodes so far. Continue reading

Agents of SHIELD – Back Tomorrow!

Agents of SHIELD is back tomorrow for season 2! I kind of expected it tonight, but they seem to have moved the show to Tuesday nights! Which works for us, because we have a lot of shows on Monday nights at the moment… (UPDATE: Apparently it was always Tuesday nights! You lose track of these things watching shows on Hulu! Thanks, commenters, for keeping me accurate!)

This was a show that had a lot going on – mission of the week, a whole host of characters they were introducing us to, but through all of that they went really slowly. They had us asking, so what? They tried to give us a slice of life sort of show – while also giving us mysteries. But not the really big mysteries – those are reserved for the movies. So, the B-rank mysteries. And below – some were harder to care about than others!

And I expect all of that will be back, missions of the week, and the whole team. Like in the recent clip they released. But in the last handful of episodes last season, they got so good. Playing off of the big mystery reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So I want to speculate on some of the things they can do in this season, missions to have an characters to include. Onward for wild speculation for Agents of SHIELD: season 2!

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Updates Coming to Comparative Geeks

Merlin on Batman Comic

David and I have been going strong with Comparative Geeks for over a year and a half now. We have continually done 6 posts a week for that time. Some circumstances for us have recently changed, which makes it difficult for us to keep up with the pace we are currently going at. So instead we will be doing 4 days a week of longer written posts and then 1 day a week we will do a video, poll, meme, quote, or something else just for fun. We have really appreciated everyone who has commented and is following our blog and we just wanted to make everyone aware of the change that is happening. We will be starting it this week, so expect a post, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then something fun on Friday. We will no longer be posting on Saturday or Sunday unless something keeps us from posting one of the other days. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and will hopefully continue reading.

Why I Loved Listen (Doctor Who Series 8)

While we don’t necessarily review every episode of Doctor Who, we definitely write about it a lot. There’s lots of reviews going on out there right now – say, on Sourcerer and Part Time Monster, to name a couple in our local blogosphere!

So while I loved the most recent episode, Listen, I don’t want to just do an episode review. I want to look at a few of the specific reasons why I personally liked this episode. Then it’s just opinions! And you can agree or disagree as you like.

I think this is easily the best episode of this season, and last. The best of Capaldi. Some of the best from Moffat. And most importantly, it’s the best of Clara, something that in particular has been lacking. It also had some aesthetic ties to one of my favorite things, which gave me chills… but we’ll get there! SPOILERS!

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YouTube Discovery: Monumental

We recently discovered Mashable on YouTube due to a former SourceFed host, Elliot Morgan, now being one of the hosts. One of the new segments that has been set up that is hosted by Elliot Morgan is called Monumental. He sits down with a couple of other YouTube stars and they vote on what are the top four of a certain subject area. Now they start with a list of eight and then bring it down to the top four of those eight. The idea being that they are the Mount Rushmore of that topic area. So far they have covered YouTube videos, Disney Villains, ’90s sitcoms, and John Hughes movies. It is a fun little look at a way to make a top choices list and the YouTube stars that have been on the show have been a lot of fun in the discussions. The other part is also when there are points that we the audience might disagree with the assessment. It is just a fun little show I thought I would share with you all. You can find more on the Mashable YouTube channel. Continue reading