Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Great? Or Overrated?

We saw something interesting today. Specifically, this:

Sorry America, we did not love this movie like most of you did. On an unrelated note, we also found TONS of sins in this movie; way more than you were probably expecting.

That’s from the new CinemaSins for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In 20 minutes, they rip into the film. Or, well, try. Do you think they did a good job?

This is opposed to another film satire show, Honest Trailers. They pretty much didn’t have things bad to say about the movie:

So now it’s poll time: what do you think about Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

14 responses to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Great? Or Overrated?

  1. I felt kind of bad, voting for it as not the Lego movie, but alright.

    I did like Captain America: The Winter Soldier – I just don’t know if I liked it more than, say, Guardians of the Galaxy.

    It was surprisingly good though. Very solid movie. Fun movie!


    • That’s a good point – does it hold up to Guardians? They’re pretty different movies, so it’s hard to compare – which, being in the same universe by the same studio, is pretty awesome 🙂

      But yeah, the Lego Movie… That’s the winning vote so far!


  2. I watched the Cinema Sins vid a couple of days ago, and it angered me. One third of the so called sins is stupid nitpicking, and one third aren’t even sins. Like which picture of Howard Stark they used, or the claim that the movie didn’t make certain points clear with are definitely explained. It is the result of someone who clearly didn’t want to like the movie and therefore went all out to prove that it is not as good as people say. But it definitely is.


    • I think that would be my assessment of it as well. However, the after-the-sins other-movie references were some of the best as well…

      He did make the comment it was his first time seeing it. So he had heard all the hype and love for the movie and success it was having all this time… Might be harder to enjoy then. I could see it.


      • I got more the impression that he has a general problem with the Marvel movies. Oh, well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I consider Winter Soldier, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy as the best of the series so far, and if I were hard pressed to pick one, Winter Soldier is it. I think mostly because it pits Captain America against the Black Widow, which makes for some really good dialogues. It also pits the ideal of what America should be against the current state which curtails the privacy of people in the name of protection.


        • Definitely ended up with some very strong connections to what is happening in the world today – planned, or a happy coincidence?

          As to CinemaSins, I don’t think he’s just against the Marvel movies… he seems to be getting increasingly cynical about most movies, and the videos as a whole have been getting longer. I wonder if he can enjoy movies anymore? Or if he’s always tallying Sins?


          • Possible…sometimes I wish I had never done Film studies at university. It can really suck the enjoyment out of movies if you keep thinking about lighting and camera angels. On the other hand, though, CinemaSins is listing a lot of stuff which aren’t sins at all.

            I don’t think that it was a happy coincidence. The NSA affair has been going on for some time, and making movies or shows about the “big brother” issue is very much in trend. I wonder though if the movie makers are aware of the irony that they made a movie featuring an organisation of (American?) Nazis trying to unleash big brother on the world, when in real life the US got caught with the hand in the cookie jar in Germany, of all places.


  3. I figure trying to contact Tony would’ve been a big red flag to Hydra regarding Steve’s location, but I do wonder why they didn’t explain that in the movie. Just one line — “Tony’s phone is bugged” or “Tony’s house is surrounded by Shield agents, so…” or whatever.

    Other than that, super totally awesome movie. 😀


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