Daily Archives: September 23, 2014

Doctor Who, So Far

We are now 5 episodes in with the new season of Doctor Who and the new Doctor. There are some things that I am noticing about this season that I am really enjoying that I think works with the change in Doctor.

By this point we have gotten a good look at who Capaldi is as the Twelfth Doctor and personally I am really enjoying it. You can see my initial reaction to Capaldi from an earlier post. At the same time we have definitely gotten a deeper look at who Twelve is in these first few episodes.

The other piece that has been really nice is that I feel like we are finally getting to know Clara as a person instead of a mystery to be solved. The relationship between Clara and the Doctor has been so pronounced this season and I think is really helping to develop that character more. The episodes in general have been great because they are both stand-alone, but also with some overarching themes or plot elements. At the same time you could step in to any of the episodes and probably have a good idea what is happening. Doctor Who, so far, I think has been a great ride and personally I have really enjoyed all the episodes so far. Continue reading