Agents of SHIELD – Back Tomorrow!

Agents of SHIELD is back tomorrow for season 2! I kind of expected it tonight, but they seem to have moved the show to Tuesday nights! Which works for us, because we have a lot of shows on Monday nights at the moment… (UPDATE: Apparently it was always Tuesday nights! You lose track of these things watching shows on Hulu! Thanks, commenters, for keeping me accurate!)

This was a show that had a lot going on – mission of the week, a whole host of characters they were introducing us to, but through all of that they went really slowly. They had us asking, so what? They tried to give us a slice of life sort of show – while also giving us mysteries. But not the really big mysteries – those are reserved for the movies. So, the B-rank mysteries. And below – some were harder to care about than others!

And I expect all of that will be back, missions of the week, and the whole team. Like in the recent clip they released. But in the last handful of episodes last season, they got so good. Playing off of the big mystery reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So I want to speculate on some of the things they can do in this season, missions to have an characters to include. Onward for wild speculation for Agents of SHIELD: season 2!

Hydra Facilities

The tease at the end of Winter Soldier was that Baron von Strucker – apparently a known Marvel villain (new to me – he’s one of many Hydra guys) – was still secretly doing Hydra work. He says there are many Hydra facilities around the world, and that he will feed that information to Captain America and his friends to keep them distracted. While he prepares the twins – Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

We know the twins are appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but given they are not Ultron, we can presume they are found earlier in the movie, rather than later. Meaning that the distractions – the other Hydra bases – will need to have been dealt with between now and then. Between now and May.

I can only presume that this means that this will play a big part in Agents of SHIELD. That they will be fighting Hydra, finding facilities, and if there is an 0-8-4 (mysterious finding), they might be racing Hydra to it!

The whole Hydra facilities thing is actually in the comics as well – they are leaked to Captain America while he hunts the Winter Soldier. So who knows – maybe they’re saving this for Captain America 3? But does that mean that they find Baron von Strucker first, before his leaked bases? If so, he is bad at plans!

Not only Mysteries on Earth

Of course, while perhaps Earth-bound, Agents of SHIELD doesn’t have to only be informed by the Earth-bound movies. After all, there were two crossover episodes from the world of Thor – one after The Dark World (okay, dealing with the Earth-bound aspects), and one with Sif and the Enchantress coming over from Asgard.

This time around, our space-based adventure of note is Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie which has as-yet done very little to be integrated in to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – except through the appearance of Thanos, who is himself barely in the franchise (just that little bit of chin in the Avengers).

Oh yeah, remember that guy? Maybe our biggest unsolved mystery from season 1: what the heck was up with the blue alien guy? They synthesized the thing that brought Coulson back to life from him, and they also used it then on Skye. We have motivation on the part of the characters to try to figure this out, the villains really wanted to know about it too… this is definitely coming back.

And after Guardians of the Galaxy, we now have an encyclopedia of aliens – a whole mess of them that are out there and that we’ve seen. The best bet is he’s Kree (like Ronan the Accuser), because one thing the Kree were always doing was experimenting on humans (and themselves), tinkering with genetics. Also still a great lead-in to Captain Marvel. Just saying.

And wait a minute… could this be how the twins are going to get their powers as well? Hmmm…

Could also be Centauri, as we saw them in the movie – Yondu (with the living arrow of awesome) was a Centauri. So there’s options. But I don’t think they ever said his species name out loud, so I’m leaning Kree! Whatever it is, now that we know more about Marvel aliens, I hope we resolve this mystery (for the audience at least!) and move on. To questions like, what does this mean? What else was SHIELD/Hydra doing with this?

Movie Cameos/Crossovers

There’s so many that would be great, but there’s a number that would make sense, too: movie characters in the show. You can’t do everyone, as that would shake the show’s budget to its foundations. And also, it’s not necessarily in keeping with the point of the show for them to show up at Avengers Tower and just join up. They’re Agents, they’re boots on the ground. They’re human.


However, there are some open threads that they might include in the show, or characters that would make some sense if they can just get them in. Here’s a few of my thoughts:

  • Thor: I know I just said no Avengers, but Thor is just out there in the world somewhere, doing good, kicking butt. Or something. What is he up to? We could explore this in the show – even if Thor himself isn’t there. Maybe show up in the aftermath of something Thor did?
  • The Lady Sif and the Warriors Three: More likely than Thor, especially given Sif has already been on the show! As I said, Thor is just out there somewhere on Earth. Will his friends show up looking for him? To bring him back? To help? To warn him of something? Who knows! Crossovers!
  • Batroc the Leaper: This mercenary is there at the start of Winter Soldier, being trouble, kicking Cap a lot. It could be neat to work him in as a villain, hired by somebody, and a challenge for the team to deal with.
  • Crossbones: Less likely than Batroc, as he should maybe wait in the wings until Captain America 3. Nonetheless, he’s been set up in Winter Soldier – he was the leader of the Strike team, and is now all scarred and burned up and needs a skull face mask, I’m sure. Could be a way to introduce him! Maybe that’d be season 3, though.
  • Nick Fury: The Agents know Fury isn’t dead after his last cameo, so he could always run into the team again. We should probably expect this one: their paths will converge somewhere. Maybe with another cameo?
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier himself. In the comics, Fury ends up finding him before Captain America, and they go on to do all sorts of black ops together – Bucky slowly piecing his identity back together in the meanwhile. Could our team of Agents be in on something like this?
  • Stephen Strange: Okay, it’s too early for Doctor Strange to show up, I suppose, as his movie is still way off. However, he was name dropped in Winter Soldier, and I would love for him to at least be name dropped again. I still argue they would need to do a lot of setup to really work magic into the movies, and the TV show would be a great place to do a lot of that ground work!

One last one that probably won’t show up but should: WHERE THE HELL IS BARTON? Seriously. Everyone else has shown up since the last Avengers movie – even though Bruce Banner only got a small bit in Iron Man 3. Barton could have just been there with Natasha at the end of Winter Soldier, backing her up before Congress. Something. Maybe he’s off doing this:

Hawkeye Okay This Looks Bad

What are your thoughts and expectations for season 2 of Agents of SHIELD? Let us know in the comments below!

6 responses to “Agents of SHIELD – Back Tomorrow!

  1. It was always on Tuesday nights, though. It’s just that last year it was an hour earlier.


  2. I am just delighted that it is back. For awhile, I was the only person in the household watching, but I coaxed my daughter back with the episode where Simmons had the electrical virus (so good) and got my wife back on board after Winter Soldier.

    I’m up for more reclaiming Hydra bases, but I’m keen to discover the meaning behind the geometric alien writing.


    • Yes, that too! And Skye’s origin, and what happens with the Hydra agents amongst them, and what they’re going to do with Lucy Lawless, and…

      I tried to keep my speculation in terms of outside factors, but there are a lot of things internal to the show itself that are interesting – and I think moreso now that the full framework for the show is in play.

      Also, there’s how this show is going to interact with Agent Carter, which doesn’t start until the winter. They’re weaving a complicated tapistry, for sure! I’m looking forward to the season!


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