What’s Your Favorite Episode of Firefly?

Just a quick poll for the evening – or is it a hard poll? After all, it’s easy to say you like Firefly – much harder to pick a favorite episode! Soft spot for the man they call Jayne? Wish you could join them at a mighty fine shindig? Looking for more war stories? This poll has something for every one of you Browncoats out there!

Looking for an episode reminder? Try here!

10 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Episode of Firefly?

  1. War Stories. In particular, the argument between Mal and Wash. While being tortured. Holy cow. Excellent.


  2. Too many great moments to choose from. I thought shindig was great, as I have a soft spot for Inara, but it was the prospect of fencing that seals it for me.


  3. So hard to pick! I love Out of Gas, and War Stories is fantastic, too. It’s all good!


  4. I love all of them! But there’s something about the Hero of Canton!


  5. Well, so far half of the episodes have representation. Kind of makes me want to watch all of them again…

    I voted for Trash. Just something fun about starting the episode with Mal sitting there naked saying, “that went well.”


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