Returning TV Shows

So there are quite a few new shows that I am looking forward to and will give a first impression of all of those shows. Along with all the new shows we also have all the shows that we will be continuing to watch. Some of the shows we are pretty sure what we are going to get; Castle, NCIS: LA, Blacklist, etc. These are shows that I feel like I know the way that they operate and while they can still surprise me I know what I am getting into. There are a few shows that I am either excited or hopeful about because the direction that the seem to be going, but I am not quite sure what is going to happen; Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, and Sleepy Hollow. Each of these shows has something different that makes me excited or nervous for the next season of the shows story.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD is the one I am probably most nervous about. They had such a slow start with the first season, but the momentum picked up so much in the last quarter of the show. The question that I really have is whether they will keep the pace that they ended with or will we start back at the slow pace of season one. I really hope now that the mystery of HYDRA has been revealed that they will be able to take the show to the place it really should have been in the first place. Agents on the ground, solving mysteries, with real consequences. The big thing that Agents of SHIELD needs to do is get back to simpler things. They almost tried to get so convoluted and we need to get back to the people on the ground.


Arrow has been so good lately and we just hope that they can keep up the pace. Now I think they can, but there is great potential to take a wrong turn with this show. At the same time every season has stepped up the game. Now we potentially have Red Arrow, Malcolm Merlin is with Thea Queen, Sarah went back with the league, and so much more. They had a great overarching story, but they started down so many lines I am really interested to see where they take them. Also, it is always fun to see what new villains and heroes they decide to introduce on the show.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow had probably the biggest cliffhanger of any of the shows. The two main characters are now trapped in purgatory and the people we thought were good were bad. Then we have the whole idea of building to the four horsemen of the apocalypse and the end of the wold as an overarching story going on. There are so many things happening in this show and they take from religion, mythology, and folklore. Yet, you watch the show and what is happening feels plausible in the world that they have created. I am so excited to see what happens, but it has the potential to go campy, which I think would ruin it.


There are too many shows that I like on tv right now and most of them seem to be doing pretty well. I have to say with all the shows I am currently watch it will be tough for the new shows to make the cut. At the same time there is also the possibility that some older shows could fall off the list if they do not keep progressing and stepping up their game.


12 responses to “Returning TV Shows

  1. I stumbled through the first couple episodes of SHIELD and gave up on it. Was not impressed. Maybe I should go back and give the later episodes a try.


  2. I’m honestly more worried about Arrow. Most problems Shield had were early installation pains. Now that all the characters are established and all puzzle pieces are in place, they should hit the ground running. Thus said…I am not too keen on the alien storyline.

    It is Arrow which really worries me. Last season started really promising, but it got bogged down by convoluted storylines which didn’t really make much sense, the on-going “let’s try to make Laurel interesting” campaign and the feeling that a lot of stuff just dragged on. Thus saying, the set-up for the next season is promising.


    • I could be interested in the alien stuff, if they quickly tie it in with Guardians of the Galaxy, and flesh out some of those alien races. However – how you connect that movie (with no Earth contact!) and the TV show? Not a clue.


  3. Living the Geek Life

    Both Arrow and AoS are adding a lot of new characters this year, which makes me wonder of they’re going to be throwing too many irons into the fire.

    Arrow has a history of fast-paced storytelling and burning thru story lines quickly, so it’s not too surprising, I I suppose. I’m hoping that AoS’ new additions will help spice up what tends to be a bit of a dull storyteller.


    • We’ve been staying away from a lot of the news/spoilers for both SHIELD and Arrow, but I am not surprised to hear they’ll be adding more! Sometimes Arrow feels like they could use fewer known characters… and usually SHIELD felt like it could use more! Introducing a character like Graviton, and boxing him away for the entire rest of the season, was kind of a wasted tease. We’ll see how they do with adding more characters!

      And I think the success/failure of Flash will help show whether we’re going to get a lot of additions to Arrow, or not. More spinoffs???


  4. I’m looking forward the new seasons of Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon A Time (+ the first season of Star Wars: Rebels) most, this Fall. Beauty and the Beast should come back in January, like The Last Ship and Lost Girl (final season) in December. I’m still waiting to know whether Continuum, Defiance, Witches of East End (second season still airing), Extant (first season still airing) will be renewed.


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