Underated Movie: Doom

I don’t know how many of you have seen or remember the movie Doom starring Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson, but personally it is an underrated movie. I admit it is cheese tastic at some points, but I think that is some of its charm. Now some of the reason this movie can pull anything off is because of Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson. It is early in their careers, but in some ways taps in to what each of the does best. The other great part of this movie is that it feels like a movie based on a first person shooter game. Doing movies based on video games often does not turn out that well. Either the movie takes itself too seriously and just fails or it does not have the edge that you need to really pull off the story that a video game often entails. Doom really balances these elements perfectly.

Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson

One of the big reasons that this movie works at all is because of Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson. They are both fantastic in this action type of movie where they are kicking ass. Now there is some drama that they add to the story, but Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson make the story believable. The fact that they end up at odds with each other just makes the story that much better because the hero and villain of the story play off of each other really well.

First Person Shooter Movie

The other part of this movie hat just works so brilliantly is the fact that it feels like a first person shooter. It starts out subtly in the beginning, just a few moments where you see from a first person perspective. Then towards the end of the movie you get a whole sequence that is directly out of a shooter video game. The camera is attached to Karl Urban’s character and you see the guns as he is shooting, strafing, looking around corners. It plays the perspective of a shooter perfectly. In many ways it feels like watching a movie that used to be a video game, which is definitely something that doesn’t happen that often.


Now this movie is definitely not the greatest movie ever made, but it definitely does a great job of being a video game in movie form. The story is fairly simple and at the same time it does not need to be more. Sometimes you do not need something complex. Sometimes you need a movie to just have fun and remind you of what it is like to stare down the barrel of an imaginary gun fighting mutated monsters of our nightmares.

One response to “Underated Movie: Doom

  1. I frankly don’t understand all the hatred directed towards the movie. If it moved away from the opening of hell plotline to the genetic mutation one, then it is definitely for the better. I mean think about it. One day suddenly Lucifer realizes that he has wasted centuries tempting humans when all he needed was a Cyberdemon to blast all the human asses to hell. Oh wait, we saw something similar to that in Constantine and we all know how it fared. In all honesty, Doom is not a masterpiece but then again it never intended to be one. I don’t care if you burn me at the stake but for me Doom is definitely one of the best video game adaptations out there.


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