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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – A LitFlix

Sin City: Volume 1, The Hard Goodbye

Sin City: Volume 1, The Hard Goodbye

This is a LitFlix that has been a long time coming. For one thing, this movie was originally slated to come out last year, so I’ve had the comics for this for over a year! For another thing, the movies came out two weeks ago, we saw it in its second weekend, and here I am finally writing about it.

I think some of the delay is because, honestly, I don’t know that I have much to say. We did come home from seeing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and immediately rewatched the first film, Sin City. So there’s that to say for it. The movie has also made barely any money, so I will lead with this: if you liked Sin City, you’ll probably like A Dame to Kill For. But you might not have much longer to see it in theaters – I know it’s already gone from our local theaters!

Spoilers to follow for both Sin City movies, but not all too many!

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