Verdict: Selfie, Early Release Pilot

Okay, so this was a show that from the previews I had basically already written off. Now I had heard that the pilot for Selfie had been released, but just could not see watching it. Then David and I found it on Hulu looking for something else and we decided we would give it a shot and see if it completely annoyed us after 5 minutes. Amazingly we made it through the entire episode and I have to say I don’t know if I had such low expectations that the only way to go was up, but it was not that bad. I am even willing to give it another chance and watch the next episode when it comes out in a month.

I have to say the trailer honestly showed the most annoying moments of Eliza and we miss some of the more human moments that we can all relate to. I think the two things this show has going for it are the two leads, Karen Gillan and John Cho, and an overarching commentary on the overuse of technology.

Two Leads

So Karen Gillan and John Cho are, personally, amazing. They play off of each other so well and the characters really seem to connect. Karen plays a vapid person extremely well, but at the same time you can see the heart behind the inch of make up. John as the straight laced business man who wants to find tangible relationships does such a great job of not being completely annoying. Both of these characters if done wrong could come across as simply annoying. At times Karen’s vocabulary is extremely annoying, but that is part of the show. She is meant to not have any real friends, but have a lot of online connections. John’s character on the other hand does not believe in the wireless connection, but wants the personal one. He obviously prides himself on how he presents himself to the world. He could come across as condescending, but he is actually quite personable. It is an interesting contrast and look at how we interact with the world around us.

Overarching Commentary

So part of what made the first episode work is that Karen Gillan’s character is an extreme of the problem, but she is not completely alone. The scene that I found most amusing is that John Cho and a co-worker are talking in the elevator about his lack of a life. He makes the comment that in a place that values wireless connection it is a wonder that he is having trouble finding personal connections. Then we cut back to seeing everyone else in the elevator holding up their phones frantically searching for the signal. It is not just about Karen Gillan, but demonstrates the larger issue with focusing on technology to the detriment of what is in front of us. I thought it was great to show the larger issue that Karen’s character is existing in and while she is an extreme of the problem it is not just her.

Where Do We Go

So as I said before David and I will continue to watch this show and see how it goes. Part of what will work well is seeing little hints of progress in the characters. The thing that was great is that even though it was a short period of time we saw a little bit of progress with Karen’s character. The important thing will be to continue those moments to see her become a complete person. The biggest question I have is how far we can really stretch this story, but we will see how long we or the show actually lasts.

One response to “Verdict: Selfie, Early Release Pilot

  1. I also went in expecting the worst and came away thinking it was alright. The pilot was a bit obnoxious at the start, but by the end it grew on me. I will give it a few more episodes and see how it comes along.


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