Daily Archives: September 2, 2014

Verdict: Selfie, Early Release Pilot

Okay, so this was a show that from the previews I had basically already written off. Now I had heard that the pilot for Selfie had been released, but just could not see watching it. Then David and I found it on Hulu looking for something else and we decided we would give it a shot and see if it completely annoyed us after 5 minutes. Amazingly we made it through the entire episode and I have to say I don’t know if I had such low expectations that the only way to go was up, but it was not that bad. I am even willing to give it another chance and watch the next episode when it comes out in a month.

I have to say the trailer honestly showed the most annoying moments of Eliza and we miss some of the more human moments that we can all relate to. I think the two things this show has going for it are the two leads, Karen Gillan and John Cho, and an overarching commentary on the overuse of technology.

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