Doctor Who Series 8 Speculation – The Master

Long before Series 8 of Doctor Who started, there were rumors and speculation about the return of the Doctor’s old, eternal nemesis: the Master. Another Time Lord like the Doctor, the Master has been around on the show for decades, with all sorts of evil, sneaky, chaotic schemes.

The Master returned in recent years to be the one other Time Lord not trapped in the time-lock that holds in the Time War. That meant he was even more free to release his schemes on the universe – especially because the Doctor, the one person who could probably stop him, didn’t expect him.

He showed back up, was a connection to the Time Lords, who were manipulating him to return to the universe… and we now know the Time Lords could actually come back, so anything is possible! So even with the Master seemingly defeated and gone, I imagine that’s happened before in the past, and we should never consider him dead and gone. So the stage is set for the return of the Master – so what could happen with him? Thoughts and opinions to follow!

The Return of the Time Lords

First, the Time Lords returning seems like a long-term goal in the show. After showing, in the 50th Anniversary Special, that they were never time-locked at all, the Time Lords are ripe to return. It feels inevitable, so in some ways, the question is how.

They have six seasons under their belt with limited references to previous seasons of Doctor Who – the biggest of which were really the aliens and the Master. Then there’s Series 7, which I talked about recently – tons of references to old Who, culminating in the 50th Anniversary Special and the survival of the Time Lords.

The return of the Time Lords seems like something that would bring a lot of baggage with it – it seems like the reason why they were conveniently locked away in the first place, at least plot-wise.

But alright, the Master. The Time Lords have used the Master once before as the potential agent of their return. Would they do so again? This time successfully? This is entirely possible, though it would feel a bit like a repeat of The End of Time.

Alternately, since they’ve already used the Master once – and burned him in the process – would the Master now be against their return, and perhaps actively work against their return? If their return is inevitable, then the one thing that could stand in the way of that is the Master…

Have We Already Seen the Master?

There’s another good rumor going around. We were introduced to the Series 8 villain, it seemed, at the end of Deep Breath. It sounds like the character’s name is Missy? Though I didn’t catch that in the episode. But IMDb says it is so.

I heard this rumor on SourceFed Nerd with their review, though I imagine others have had the same thought…

What if Missy is the Master? Running a little promised land, being good to people… even as we watched the Doctor being severe and mean with people. Like Holly talked about yesterday, moral ambiguity…

If the Doctor is going to be a little evil now, does that make the Master a little good? With them functioning so much as opposites, I think maybe. At the very least, they have the potential to play up the moral ambiguity of this villain as well, regardless of who it is or might be.

But I really do like the idea of the villain Master, now suddenly a woman and seemingly good. I kind of hope this is it. Although, if it is… it’ll be a little sad to know the secret already!

Time will tell, but for now, what do you think? Any theories on the return of the Master? Let us know in the comments below!

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