Who’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Companion?

Not much to say tonight, been a busy one, a planning one. But we’re excited for the return of Doctor Who this weekend! So here’s a little Doctor Who poll to get us in the spirit.

We’re only familiar with the newer seasons of Who, but there’s a write-in option if you’d like to vote for some of the earlier companions!

20 responses to “Who’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Companion?

  1. I’m totally curious where Clara’s going (“into darkness”, presumably – I’m really bad at being patient and waiting for the weekend to come…). In general: River Song, because she’s a total badass and I loved her storyline (never cared much for the Ponds, though). Oh, and Captain Jack, even though I’ve only started liking him in Torchwood, where he started to become more of a well-rounded character and less of an obnoxious sidekick …


    • I’m curious with Clara, too. She’s now serving the role that Rose did in Series 2 – the companion who’s the same, with the Doctor who’s new. It gives her a potential to shape more of what is to come – but will she take that opportunity?

      Ah, River Song… and Captain Jack… I had to include them both on this, even though they’re never the “main” companions!


      • I’m especially curious because Clara (The Impossible Girl) isn’t just one person / character. There’s Clara, and Oswin, and Victorian Clara and they’re all rather unique … I wonder whether they’ll pursue that further or not.

        TBH, I’ve always had a soft spot for “recurring non-main companions”. Ricky The Idiot was great, so was Donna’s granddad, and I’m absolutely enamored with Potato Man, Dinosaur Lady and her wife.


        • I am so happy to see that the Veiled Detective and her companions will be back! What’s so interesting is they’ve never showed us the introduction to those characters – and I’m also not sure which order all of these events happen for them. Ah, subjective time and time travel!


          • Yeah. This. I’m sooo curious (and kinda miffed that I have to attend a wedding tomorrow instead of watching Doctor Who. My darling cousin, though I love her to pieces, is clearly not a geek 😛 )


  2. Amy Pond, despite the fact that I never found out how her and Rory’s story ends (I haven’t seen Let’s Kill Hitler onward). I adore Karen Gillan, so it’s an easy choice. Donna Noble is a close second, just because Catherine Tate is hilarious. Captain Jack would tie with Donna. Rose… I adore the character, but I can’t look at her the same way anymore, I used to have a crush on Billie Piper ever since the new series started, until I was watching Secret Diary Of A Call Girl with an uncle one evening, and he pointed out just how much she looks like a cousin I was living with at the time. It wasn’t actually a strong resemblance, but once it was pointed out I couldn’t unsee it.

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    • I would recommend giving the rest a watch when you get a chance! The Ponds were great, especially as a unit. The opportunities that Rory got to be a badass were pretty great!

      Sorry to hear about Billie Piper! Because… Bad Wolf!


  3. Martha Jones! Also Clara, and Amy’s pretty funny


  4. I’ve always been a fan of Martha Jones. She is very capable in her own way. We really saw that once she left the Doctor and became even more capable. Not to mention there was something satisfying and relateable to her story.


    • I loved Martha later on, especially in Torchwood. Early Martha and all her fawning and swooning over the doctor just got on my nerves … 😉


    • Poor Martha! I don’t know if she gets as much love from the fans as she deserves. She only had the one season, and it wasn’t the best season, but I don’t think that was her fault! Watching her reactions to the Doctor, to him sometimes ignoring her and things like that… Martha was great! And her season finale! Good stuff!


  5. Looks like this might be a topic people have opinions on… I’m still trying to figure out who I’m voting for!


  6. It was HARD to choose between Rose, Wilfred, and River. I also loved Donna and Mickey. Very tough to vote for just one.


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  8. maybe it is a little bit classic but I like Rose Tyler no matter what


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