This Should Not Amuse Me So Much

Okay as a caveat, I am generally very skeptical of the challenge for charity that has been starting up. In some ways it is a good one time fundraiser that probably does not take much effort because it passes itself along. At the same time I don’t think it is the best way to push for awareness about the issues because it is just saying I am giving money to this charity or doing x, y, or z. Lately there has been a challenge going around for ALS awareness called the ice bucket challenge. The idea is that you are supposed to either give $100 to an ALS organization or dump a bucket of ice water over your head. This is kind of a brilliant idea during the summer and I think you probably get a lot of people doing the challenge and giving money to the organization. Again, great fundraiser idea, but not a long lasting change.

Now with this recently we have gotten politicians and celebrities involved in the challenge, which is great because it brings more sharing and more money in to these organizations. I particularly appreciate the ALS challenge because I actually have a personal connection to two different people affected by the disease. Now recently I found the following video of Disney CEO Bob Iger doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

To my delight he nominates Olivia Pope, Peter Quill, and Tony Stark. I was greatly amused that he nominated the characters and not the actors themselves. Now it also makes sense because all of these characters are connected to Disney in some form or the other. The Peter Quill and Tony Stark were more my favorites. See if anyone answered the call after the jump.

I caught this today and it just made me squee because I love Robert Downey Jr and it some ways he is Tony Stark. He continues a bit of the pass on with characters by nominating his buddy Thor, although he does call out Chris Hemsworth. It made me stupidly excited that he participated in a really ridiculous sort of challenge. Now we will just have to see if somehow this could hit all of the Avengers.

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