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Well hello, constant readers! We’ve had a lot of content lately about comics – just can’t be helped! And there’s more to come! Hopefully you’re enjoying it and it’s been good stuff. Indeed, there’s been so much comics stuff we’ve had to put some off – like I mentioned recently with changing around some of our LitFlix plans.

The Dark Knight Returns CoverThe main announcement I want to lead with is that we will be having a guest series of posts at the end of this week, focused on The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The posts will be by Gene’O, editor-in-chief over at Sourcerer – the blog where I also write some posts about Music and Comics.

Expect to see his series go up this Friday and Saturday, and please welcome him as a guest poster to the blog! Read on for some more of the comics happenings here on Comparative Geeks!


This year is Batman’s 75th anniversary, and that is a very cool thing. I am taking Gene’O’s post as the start of my own foray into Batman comics – of which I’ve really only read The Killing Joke.

There’s actually already a lot of Batman content over on Sourcerer, most of it by Jeremy DeFatta, who has his own blog up and running as well. So there’s a lot to go back to there if you’re looking for more thoughts on Batman.

Absolute Dark Knight Cover

Cover to Absolute Dark Knight

However, as part of our new goal of reading a book and a comic a month – outside of our LitFlix – I think that reading some Batman fits the bill. I am so much the Marvel reader – and have dipped my toes in the big pond that is independent comics – but have barely scratched the surface on DC. Let’s read some greatest hits and see how that goes!

So, having finished The Incal and reviewed it, for my next comic I would like to read The Dark Knight Returns and its follow up, The Dark Knight Strikes Back. I have the combined edition, the Absolute Dark Knight, requested from the library… it’s out right now, so as a backup, I have Batman: Year One requested as well. So it’ll be one of these that I read next!

Other Upcoming Comics Reviews on Comparative Geeks

With Sin City: A Dame to Kill For coming up for a LitFlix, it will probably not be until after I read that when I get a chance to sneak Snowpiercer into my reading. However, both of those are LitFlix to expect in the coming month or so for comics.

Well, that and my Guardians of the Galaxy LitFlix. Given the large number of reviews the movie has spawned – since everyone and their mom went to go see it last weekend (actually, not sure either of our mom’s did, but they will…) – I decided to hold off on that one from this week until next week. Give it a little time to breathe. Also, we might go see it again – might be good to see it twice and really get a feel for it!

As Holly also mentioned yesterday in her review of her comics reading – The Manhattan Projects – she will next be reading Priest by Min-Woo Hyung. We’ll probably also rewatch the movie once she’s done reading it, so we’ll likely talk about that too!

How about yourselves? What comics are you reading right now? Or are you planning to read along with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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