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The Giver, a LitFlix

Last weekend David and I went and saw The Giver and it has taken me this long to get my thoughts in order about what I want to say. I remember when I first saw the trailer for me and it caught me a bit off guard because it did not feel like the book to me. It made me worried that they were going to miss the point of the story in favor of action. Later on I heard that Lois Lowry actually gave the movie a thumbs up about getting the essence of the story, so that was very promising. I have to say my initial impression was that I enjoyed the movie, but they definitely changed elements to up the drama of the overall story. The book has such a quiet simplicity, but still packs a lot of power. The movie on the other hand definitely ups the drama and conflict by changing around a lot of the elements at the same time they were able to keep the heart of the story. (Spoilers for The Giver after the jump) Continue reading


No One Likes the Watchers

You know the old saying – who watches the Watchers? Well maybe the answer is no one. Because who actually likes the Watchers?

I got to thinking about this when Holly started replaying Dragon Age: Origins recently. I started really noticing some notices between a few different Watcher organizations: the Dragon Age Grey Wardens, the Game of Thrones Night’s Watch, and the Dragonriders of the Pern series.

So let me draw some parallels between the three, and consider how the society around them have forgotten and ignored their purpose – and instead end up resentful. And then, for comparison, one other Watcher group – the Gunslingers from the Dark Tower series. I’ll try to keep spoilers limited. Onward!

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Super Fight, Awesome New Card Game

So SourceFed Nerd has introduced me to an awesome new game called Super Fight. Now from looking it up, the rules they use on the show seem a little bit different than how it is actually supposed to be played. Mostly they use an outside arbitrator to decide which combination would win in a fight. There is a really fun element of arguing why your combination would win in a fight and how. In the real game then the table votes on who would win. So it is not only about choosing your combo, but your ability to explain why you combo would win in a fight. I think my favorite combo was a 100 Story Tall Chuck Norris with a Gerbil in his Rectum, because it’s Chuck Norris, I mean come on, that has to be like the unbeatable card.

So the first video is below and there is a second one after the jump with Hank Green.

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Doctor Who Series 8 Speculation – The Master

Long before Series 8 of Doctor Who started, there were rumors and speculation about the return of the Doctor’s old, eternal nemesis: the Master. Another Time Lord like the Doctor, the Master has been around on the show for decades, with all sorts of evil, sneaky, chaotic schemes.

The Master returned in recent years to be the one other Time Lord not trapped in the time-lock that holds in the Time War. That meant he was even more free to release his schemes on the universe – especially because the Doctor, the one person who could probably stop him, didn’t expect him.

He showed back up, was a connection to the Time Lords, who were manipulating him to return to the universe… and we now know the Time Lords could actually come back, so anything is possible! So even with the Master seemingly defeated and gone, I imagine that’s happened before in the past, and we should never consider him dead and gone. So the stage is set for the return of the Master – so what could happen with him? Thoughts and opinions to follow!

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First Impression: Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

So unless you were hiding under a rock, or do not pay attention to media the way that I do, you could not have missed the fact that we got introduced to Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Now whenever a new Doctor gets introduced there is always a question of who are they going to be. They are still the Doctor and have all the memories of the Doctor, but there are some personality quirks that have changed. The first episode of a new Doctor always holds some trepidation because we don’t know what is going to happen and how things are going to work out.

Now first off this was not the best first episode for a new Doctor, but at the same time I did like the story they seemed to tell about the Doctor. The thing I think is important to remember is that this new Doctor was not supposed to exist. He was on his last regeneration and it took an act by the Time Lords to let him continue on and have another regeneration. I cannot even imagine what that would do to you, but I think could be part of the reason that a Doctor that looks older is a good decision. (Spoilers for the latest episode of Doctor Who after the jump) Continue reading