Daily Archives: July 26, 2014

The Marketing of Weird Al Yankovic

The way Weird Al chose to release the music videos for his latest album has been brilliant in my opinion. The 8 days 8 videos model, for him in particular, is a great idea. Now instead of talking about the videos themselves, which most of you have probably seen. I want to discuss how they were released, which I think helped get Weird Al to his first number one album. In some ways I was kind of amazed that he had never had a number one album because his music is witty, funny, and just great parody of artists and current pop culture. At the same time I think part of his success for this was tied heavily in to the Social Media aspect of YouTube. It created a way for people to easily share and then remark on the videos as they came out. The other piece is, as mentioned before, he built up an expectation. We knew that over 8 days we were going to get 8 different videos and the question was what song would be next. Finally, I think the other part of the success is that all the videos were not released on one channel or station, he utilized a variety of very popular website / YouTube channels, including Vevo, to get his music out to as wide a range as possible. Continue reading