5 Favorite Disney Songs

So apparently people are still talking about the song Let it Go from Frozen because there are still new videos being made around the song. Now I enjoyed Frozen and the fact that it is Idina Menzel singing means that the song is amazing. At the same time I wonder if some of why it is so popular is because there has not been a good Disney musical in a while. Disney used to be known for the music in their movies. Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Dumbo, and Beauty and the Beast are all great examples of Disney movies that also had great music. So in honor of the Disney musical I have decided to list my favorite Disney songs.

When I See an Elephant Fly – Dumbo

Now Dumbo holds a special place in my heart partly because I love Elephants. This song in particular is just so much fun and really encompasses what Dumbo is about. The crows are great characters and the song has such a distinctive sound to it. I also love the word play with things like “seen a peanut stand and heard a rubber band”. (Second choice for Dumbo would be Baby Mine because that is just such a sweet lullaby).

Poor Unfortunate Souls – Little Mermaid

Now the Little Mermaid has some amazing music in it, but my personal favorite is Poor Unfortunate Souls. Ursula is such a perfect villain and this song is her moment to shine. Her personality is just written all over this song. Other songs are fun, but this just has such a range of emotion to it and you cannot help, but shimmy a little bit listening to it.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast

I enjoyed a lot of songs from Beauty and the Beast, but the beginning song where Belle is describing the town and the town is describing Belle is just done so beautifully. The song itself has so many layers and characters that each get a note and a voice. Moving from fast paced to slower as Belle is talking about the book she is reading. It is a great introduction to the story and the lead character.

Hakuna Matata – Lion King

Now tell me that you can listen to this song with out a smile coming to your face. I say that it cannot be done. It is just such a happy song and Timon and Pumbaa are such great characters. The great thing is just how upbeat the song is, even when discussing Pumbaa’s issues.

Friend Like Me – Aladdin

Robin Williams as Genie in Aladdin is possibly one of his finest performances and one of the great Disney characters. The song introducing Genie to the audience is really Robin Williams at his best doing a variety of voices and caricatures. The entire Aladdin soundtrack is fantastic, but this definitely takes the cake.

There are so many I could mention, but I think when I think of my favorite Disney songs these are ones that come to mind first. This does not even include the live action movies (Mary Poppins) that they have done and many more of the animated movies (Jungle Book, Nightmare Before Christmas). Disney has a history of doing musicals well and I kind of hope that Frozen is just the beginning of them start back on that track.


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