Daily Archives: July 21, 2014

A Year and a Half of Comparative Geeks!

I like enjoying these small milestones, to remember how much we have accomplished in this time! 475 posts, and consistently posting 6 posts a week, has been a lot of work, and very rewarding. Thank you to all of you, our readers and commenters and followers and friends.

Last year at the six-month mark, I did a post highlighting our top posts and topics thus far. Many of those posts are still top posts, because they keep getting search engine hits. However, we have a few new contenders top posts that I would like to highlight – beyond the Illuminati post I referenced the other day.

Then I thought I would share a few of the posts that have barely been touched. Sure, there’s a lot of those – and a lot of them make sense. There’s our failed Trailer Watch category – those never did well. And there are some holiday posts, and some that we knew were kind of a filler post when we wrote them. But there are some that we would love to see get some reads, maybe some comments or conversation, and just for whatever reason they didn’t hit when posted – so a few of those!

And lastly, there’s a whole series of posts I would like your input on! Onward!

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