In other news, Thor is a woman now.

This week, Marvel let everyone know that they were going to announce some new, big news on The View. We were expecting big news. We were expecting something thematic with The View, as well. I was ready to write a post about Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers.

The last news that Marvel shared on The View, though, was a comics related story, about the marriage of Northstar and his partner (now husband) Kyle. So maybe we should have expected comics news. So we got this story.

This is not the story we expected, and it is both exciting, and not. A female super hero movie should have been the news, but I feel like that’s what everyone is talking about now. So let me look at a different angle for why this isn’t such big news – the fact that Marvel has done this before.

They’ve Done This Before

With Marvel characters like the X-Men have powers that stick with them, that they are born with. Even characters who undergo a change, like the Hulk or Fantastic Four or Spider-Man, they’re hard to carry over (although they get duplicated often enough).

But there are Cosmic Powers that are conveyed by an item, by the sort of science that often seems like Magic. At least, that’s how Thor explained it to us in the films! So while the most famous one is Mew Mew… I mean Mjölnir… there are plenty other in Marvel lore.

(Well, and in DC lore as well… I know about the Green Lanterns, at least, and I’m sure there’s more!)

And not only can I name three others right off the top of my head – all three examples are current members of the Avengers under Jonathan Hickman. Another reason I am loving his run on Avengers!

So who am I thinking? Well, for instance, there’s the Shiar Imperial Guard. An alien empire made famous during the Dark Phoenix Saga, we later find out that the positions in the Imperial Guard are carried on from soldier to soldier. One of these is Smasher.


Yep, the old, original, male Smasher, and the new, female Smasher. And she kicks serious butt. Okay, so who else?

How about Captain Universe – the incarnation of the Universe itself, and all its power. It’s “the hero who could be you!” Anyone could get the power of the Universe, when it comes into a host. Like the current incarnation…

Captain Universe

Again, the look is there. The power is there. But now, it’s a female instead of a male. Also, she’s a lot scarier… be sure to bring her pie.

And let’s not forget Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel

Originally just the Kree experiment… yeah, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel is, by now, the expectation in this role.

So while Donald Blake might be who we expect to be Thor, I am cool with Thor being a woman. But is it news? Where were the conversations about these other characters? Where’s the love for Hickman and his team of Avengers, where you have characters like Captain Marvel and Spider Woman recruited because, well, they belong.

An Avenger

I love that scene. And I think a female Thor will fit right in. Because, well, it’s nothing new. No news to see here, move along.

So why do it?

Okay, it’s not news. Not what we were expecting. Not a female superhero movie. Not even something that will impact the Thor films – the last movie was based on a comic from the 80s after all. In many ways, they set us up and then knocked us down. So why do it at all?

Well, because it is a bit exciting. While Marvel calls Thor “one of the big three” of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, well, I might not agree with that analysis, but it’s still a big name character. It’s also a character with a world that isn’t quite as creative as the others can be – based as it is on existing mythology. This gives a chance to do something really new, and really different.

As Holly has said, we have really come to like Thor. And the new run on the comic is going to be by Jason Aaron, who wrote the whole run of Wolverine & the X-Men, which I loved. So I think we’re going to be reading this comic.

So why did they do this? To sell comics. Well, I guess it worked.


15 responses to “In other news, Thor is a woman now.

  1. Disney owns Marval. Thor is now a girl. Therefore, Thor is a Disney princess.

    If you have a problem with this, just “let it go.” 😉


  2. Why do it? Fanservice, most likely. Oh, wait, this isn’t DC we’re talking about (snarf snarf).

    Also, I like the idea of Thor as a disney princess.


    • I guess some of it is, if this is fan service, they’ve been at it for a while… I think this is more of a larger movement for them. And honestly, Disney ownership may be part of it. And sure, money might be part of it, but that’s good – if the economics are there for more female super heroes, that’s only to the good.

      But yes, I now want to see the Thor as a Disney Princess movie 🙂


      • While I am not a Marvel fan, per se, from what I’ve seen of what they’ve been doing lately (and I could be totally wrong!), they seem to genuinely be interested in creating a more diverse roster and appeal to fans of both genders, as opposed to DC who has decided that its survival depends on pandering and exploitation.


        • I think that sounds right. The whole thing where they wanted fans to do art for a sexy attempting suicide Harley Quinn… Ah, DC. In comparison, and if we look at comics as a binary, Marvel is leaps and bounds ahead of DC!

          And you look at a lot of the stuff out there in independent comics, and it’s even worse than either of the big two!


          • It really frustrates me, because I’m a huge fan of the DC properties. I just hate DC as a company and what they currently stand for.


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