Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

All I Need to Know about Vocabulary I Learned from Magic the Gathering

I saw something in the paper recently which did and did not surprise me at all. I just kind of saw it and went “oh yeah, of course.” I imagine the headline writer thought they were showing off.

But Magic: The Gathering had gotten there first, for me at least.

Yes, the paper was talking about Jökulhlaup, a word I knew from Magic. And, thanks to what the card did, and combined with the image on the card, I already had a pretty good idea what the word meant.

Part of what was great about Magic was that they did this a lot: used really specific terms for card titles, and matched up the meaning with what the card did. Sometimes, it made you think. Sometimes, it made you learn. And sometimes, what they did with the cards was just fun. So join me in a bit of nostalgia with Magic: The Gathering!

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