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First Impressions – The Incal

The Incal


I have been busy switching back and forth between reading two things lately: Guardians of the Galaxy to prepare for my LitFlix, and the item that showed up like magic from a library in Pennsylvania: The Incal.

I found out about this comic thanks to the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune check out my review of that here. The crazy and visionary mind of Jodorowsky never really returned to film after his attempt at Dune – he turned to comics. And his great saga, along with artist Jean Moebius Giraud, is The Incal.

I’ve read up through the first part of the collected edition I got, so through what was called The Black Incal. It’s been an interesting read. I have a deadline to get through this that’s stronger than the ones even for my LitFlix – it’s a library book! It has a due date! So I thought I would share some initial thoughts on the comic, as I continue on my way to the ding of “Achievement Unlocked: You Read The Incal!”

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