Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday Holly did a list of Patriotic Movies, so there’s a great list of ideas for a movie today! Or, if you want to see something newer, I talked about some of the movies from this year that were great before that.

I have movies on the mind, I guess, and just wanted to take a moment to reminisce on one in particular, and today seems like a good day. The year was 1996, and the movie was Independence Day.

Holly asked recently about which book or books were your first science fiction or fantasy – or more like, the first where you really noticed them, as a genre. I had a lot of thoughts on that, and wasn’t sure which really came first, or when I really noticed the genre as different. Holly and I also had trouble thinking of an answer because focusing on books, it leaves out the movies and TV shows and games that might have influenced us as well.

Which brings me back to Independence Day. Because while I don’t remember the answer about books, necessarily, I do remember the first movie I was really excited to see in theaters, that I remembered the release date and wanted to be there, that I had bought in to the hype. That movie was Independence Day.

I remember being all excited, with it coming out on Independence Day, and that being when the plot happened… Then I remember that they moved up the release day, and it came out the 3rd! I was all confused, until I was in the theaters on the 3rd seeing it… and that being around when the plot starts. And I remember just really enjoying that connection.

How about you? What movie do you first remember being really excited to see in theaters? More than that, I guess – excited and tracking the date, expecting to see it opening weekend? Because there were movies before that I wanted to see in theaters (Jurassic Park!), but yeah, you see the difference. Let me know in the comments below!

And have a great Independence Day!

5 responses to “Happy Independence Day!

  1. I’m pretty sure my first theater movie was Star Trek: Nemesis. I have three siblings and we never went to the theater much as kids, so we never went to see cartoons and whatnot, but I was a super hardcore Trekkie and I just about had a nervous breakdown when I heard there was a new movie coming out. I was into TOS and TNG, and it had just never occurred to me that there might be actual new stuff! I would’ve been 11 or 12. Cried in the theater because my favorite character died and I was totally unprepared.


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