Favorite Patriotic Movies

So it is the Fourth of July weekend and it is time for Americans to pull any ounce of patriotism out of the closet or at least to enjoy fireworks and barbecues. Most people make plans to be outdoors to go camping, hang out with friends, but movies have often come out on this weekend because it tends to have a lot of people having time off. Part of my idea of this list is thinking about the fact that we are celebrating America’s Independence Day and some days it can be hard to feel patriotic. So here are some of my favorite movies that are fitting to watch on the Fourth of July.

An American Tail

I loved this movie as a kid and it is the happy go lucky version of trying to come to America. I would still love to watch it today. I can still remember the “somewhere out there” song. It is such a fun look at early America with the idea of the mice as the immigrants. It can definitely make you feel some warm and fuzzies for America.

Top Gun

Top Gun is such a fun movie. Who does not love fast planes doing awesome maneuvers. It is full of all the patriotic furor of a movie about the Air Force and their elite pilots. America’s best being trained to do what no other pilots can do.

Captain America

This is a more recent movie, but honestly what is more patriotic then a super hero wearing the American Flag and taking out Nazis. I mean his very name is the epitome of patriotic. The meaning of inspiration.


Now there are a lot of serious movies that I could have mentioned, but one that came out recently that is a brilliant look at the American system is Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of Abraham Lincoln was absolutely brilliant and it highlights such a great moment in American History.

Independence Day

This seems to be the one movie that all the lists can agree on. I mean the very name highlights the holiday. Then you have one of the top speeches in movie history brought to you by the American President, highlighting the ideals of fighting for freedom. Joining together in a fight against annihilation by an Alien race, something that everyone can get behind.

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