Daily Archives: July 1, 2014

Verdict: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

David and I have fallen in love with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It is quick witted, funny, and up to date on current events. The show is on HBO, so it has a slightly limited access, but thankfully they have decided to make whole segments available on YouTube. This means that even if you do not get to watch the whole thing you still get to see some of it. It is becoming well known enough that public figures are commenting on things that the show is saying. One of the best is when the head of the FCC makes a comment during an open meeting that he is not a dingo, which was a reference to a comment made my John Oliver. He definitely talks about a variety of issues that came up in the last week, but usually he has a focus for most of the episode. The issues that he discusses are real and I appreciate how he discusses the points, although it is obvious to see a bias that is okay because it is entertainment. To talk about this further I wanted to discuss some of my favorite moments so far.

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