Re-Playing Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X : X-2 HD for PS3David and I bought the Final Fantasy X / X-2 in HD and I started playing it recently. I really wanted to play Final Fantasy X-2 because I had started it once, but David talks about how good it is and it looks interesting. So I decided to replay through Final Fantasy X first to get back in to the story.

I have to say it looks gorgeous, but I remember it looking gorgeous before so I do not know how much of a difference it makes. At the same time it has been interesting playing through the game again. I am remembering the things that I love about it and some of the things that annoyed me about it, which has been fun going through again.

Hate It

Part of the problem with Final Fantasy X is that Tidus is incredibly annoying. They could have introduced Tidus and then let us utilize another character throughout the game, but no we were stuck with Tidus. It would have been nice to have wandered around as any other character in the game.

The other part that I am realizing again is how many different and long conversations happened in the game. There have been a couple parts where you jump from one cut scene to another and are just taking minor steps in between. I hate that you can’t skip some of these conversations… the creation of the skip for conversations was such an incredible addition to video games. The game in general is good, but there are definitely little things here and there that just do not work.

Love It

Some of the things that I love about the game is that it is a really good story and I like the slow reveal to the player of what is really happening. The other part is all the other characters are actually pretty good, although my personal favorite is Auron, he is just so good and his story is amazing. The other part is that I actually really liked the combat system and the sphere grid for leveling up. It is an interesting mix of actions that each character specializes in and the ability to switch out characters as needed works amazingly. Also, the locations are so gorgeous and I absolutely adore the music in the game.

Playing the game has been a great way to remember the story and see all the locations again.

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