LitFlix: The Fault in Our Stars

Last night David and I finally got around to seeing The Fault in Our Stars last night. I had finished the book just last weekend and knew what I was getting myself in to. Of course everyone kind of can see where the story is going considering it is obvious that Hazel is sick, which usually means that it is not going to end well in stories. The story that is told is great though. It is such an interesting look at life, love, and dying. The movie does a great job of telling the story. There are some moments that are left out, but they cut things in just the right place. I also love that they took lines directly from the book because there are some amazing speeches and the actors did an amazing job of bringing those speeches to life. (Spoilers for The Fault in Our Stars after the jump)


All the characters in the movie are exactly what I expected them to be. Hazel is sarcastic with an accurate understanding of what her disease really means. She has not given up, but she definitely is trying to minimize the damage and discomfort of other people because she knows where her life is leading. Augustus is snarky and so full of life. I don’t know that anyone could help, but like him because he is such a happy person. Then you have Isaac who in other circumstances would have the most tragic of stories, but really in comparison he is so lucky. The actor who played Isaac did a brilliant job because it must be so difficult to try and act blind when you’re not. All the actors do a great job of getting the characters all just right. It really is that all of the characters are just jumping off the page.


The biggest difference that I saw is that they compressed the time for Augustus being sick and eventually dying. It makes sense because you only have so much time in a movie to show it, but part of what was great in the book is seeing Hazel there every day as she watches Augustus deteriorate. I understand that from a timing perspective and the fact that it might not have been as interesting visually to watch him deteriorate over a longer period of time. The other part is that in the book it sounds like he starts looking pretty bad towards the end, which starts to get difficult. It is also entirely unnecessary. The ending of the movie like the ending of the book is the punch to the gut that it is meant to be.

Final Verdict

If you can’t tell both the movie and the book are excellent and I highly recommend it. The biggest thing is that both the movie and the book brought me to tears at about the same point, so I figure it is a good rendition of the story.


4 responses to “LitFlix: The Fault in Our Stars

  1. Content Catnip

    Mmmmmmm is it a predictable romantic comedy about a sick girl falling in love and then dying? Sorry to be a dick about it but I thought it seemed lame. If you reckon it’s not then I will check out this movie


    • I don’t think it is as predictable as you think, and not romantic comedy, but more love story in my opinion. It is about teenage love so you can see where it is going, but I still thought it was sweet. I don’t know how much you care about spoilers, so I don’t want to say too much. I will say the story took a turn I was not expecting and that I really appreciated the characters in the story. There are some things that are typical, but I think that is because we like those stories. I did love how the characters showed the beginnings of a relationship when you are a teenager. Reminding myself of those first awkward moments when you like someone and are not sure how to react. It is not a movie for everyone, so that is a choice you will have to make for yourself.


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