Just For Laughs

So for a variety of reasons this week has been just a long and tough week. Not to mention that I do not think I have gotten a good nights sleep in almost a week. On that note I am just feeling generally brain dead. So instead of my usual wordiness here are a few YouTube videos that made me laugh (all of them from SourceFed Nerd). Starting with looking at the variety of number of Fart apps that one can find for ones phone.

Next, we have the SourceFed group playing Ninja. Which is basically you have one step and hand swipe to try and hit another players hand. The game itself looks like a ton of fun and something I would be terrible at. The most funny part starts about 6:10 in to it when William Haynes and Joe Bereta are facing off or Team Tummy as they referred to themselves earlier in the video.

Finally, this is not so much laugh, although it did do that, but it is Felicia Day and Ashley Johnson on Table Talk. This is fun because people ask random questions and it is neat to see people’s answers. I think two of my favorite things from this are that a) there is no such thing as nerd cred and b) Felicia Day would feel sorry for the Kaiju if / when she sees Pacific Rim.

Hope you enjoyed these little videos, I know they are long, but I always have fun watching them. Will try and have something more substantial on Saturday. Don’t forget to participate in the Feminist Friday discussion tomorrow hosted on Part-Time Monster.


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