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Catching-Up – Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid CollectionI have finally dived into Metal Gear Solid 4, the game that I wanted a PS3 for way back when it came out. Holly got it for me for Christmas, as part of a collection of all the Metal Gear Solid games. For one thing, I can’t believe how long it’s been since Christmas… for another thing, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to start with the series.

My first experience with the Metal Gear Solid series was Metal Gear Solid 2. Some friends and I got together when it came out and, with it set on Very Easy mode, we played through and beat it in ten and a half hours straight. It watches pretty well as a ten-and-a-half-hour movie. I went back from there and played on harder modes, and played Metal Gear Solid, but never got around to the prequel, Metal Gear Solid 3.

So play through the whole series in release order? Chronological order? Only ones I hadn’t played before? I couldn’t decide, but I knew I wanted to play 4, so I’m playing 4! I wanted to share a few thoughts from this game. Quick review: I probably made the right choice, going with an X-Box 360 for Mass Effect rather than the PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4

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Great Organization Tools

So one of these tools I discovered recently and the other one I have been using for a while. Both of them are great for organizing thoughts, ideas, and projects. I use Evernote to organize my note taking on various subjects. I create notebooks for various projects where I need to organize my thoughts. I often use it to write down thoughts that I have for posts and add links to information if that is needed. The other one is something I discovered at work recently called asana. It is more about projects and tasks, but it is a great way to get yourself organized and if you are working on a project with others to add them to the list. Both of these are super easy to use and I have found them to be a great asset.

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Discrimination against Science Fiction and Fantasy

One of my favorite things I’ve written on the blog is my series on the definition and importance of Science Fiction and Fantasy – of fictions that might be called Speculative, or Romantic. And when asked, I said that one of the things that I would most like to change in the world is people’s opinions about these genres, or maybe about genre fiction in general. However, through all of this, I lacked a solid, concrete example. An example of prejudice against Science Fiction or Fantasy.

There are a lot of things in this world that we shouldn’t discriminate against. Things you can’t control, things that aren’t a choice, things that should have no bearing on life. But then, there are things that are opinions, that are a choice, that I can go right ahead and be upset about. And for me, the one that takes the cake is being against Science Fiction and Fantasy.

So, I had said I was going to do a post about movies this week. That’ll have to wait. Because last night I got a great example of anti-Sci-Fi discrimination. And I feel the need to share, and to vent. So let me set the scene, let me rant a bit, and then hopefully I’ll have it out of my system!

One Does Not Simply Discriminate Against Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Intermission Post: SourceFed Animated

Due to the fact that I have come down with a nasty of nasty colds instead of our usual post I am going to bring you a brief intermission. During this intermission I would like to introduce you to one of the more creative things that one of the YouTube Channels that we watch has started. So Sourcefed Nerd does episodes four days a week where a few of the hosts answer questions submitted by users on Twitter and Reddit, called TableTalk. There is answering the questions and then there are some great sidetracked stories, but in general really interesting to think about. Now what they have done is taken some of the stories and animated them. So you here the audio from the TableTalk episode, but then are watching an drawn animation acting out what happened. So far most of them have been hilarious and a great visualization of the story.

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Last Pass – a Review

I was noticing that one of our best posts is Holly’s review of (which is indeed a fantastic service), and I was thinking that there are other specific services that we use that could be recommended. One that I think deserves some review is Last Pass.

Last Pass is like a number of products out there, I suppose, as a password-keeper service. Holly and I had heard about Last Pass a while ago, but the inertia to change your passwords is pretty extreme. I mean, do you even know how many passwords you work out of?

Then Heartbleed happened. Suddenly, it was necessary to change all of our passwords. It cut through the inertia, and it was time to check out Last Pass. Their name comes from the thought that it will be the last password you ever have to remember. How true has that turned out to be? Read on for my review of this service: Last Pass!

Last Pass

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