Thanks for the Nominations

Part-time Monster recently nominated David and I for the WordPress Family Award and Inspiring Blogger Award. I have been busy so have not had time to gather a list of other nominations, but did want to take some time to say thank you to Diana and everyone else who has supported us. David and I really enjoying doing this blog and it has been great meeting a much of other amazing bloggers.

Part of the reason we do not have the nominations yet is because we wanted to take some time and think about some people we may have not nominated yet and to try and not loop others who were nominated for the same award. If you are interested in some of the other awards we have been nominated for and the people we nominated you can go to our Liebster Award post and our Versatile Blogger Award post. Thanks again for the nomination and everyone who follows, comments, and supports this blog. Also, thanks for everyone who participated in the Feminist Friday post yesterday. We were excited to participate and continue the conversation.

3 responses to “Thanks for the Nominations

  1. Thanks for the link—I’m so glad we met you guys early on in this project! No worries on noms…Gene’O has months of them piled up that he needs to do. lol


  2. Just to second what Diana said. No worries. I always try and thank people for nominations, because I appreciate awards and I love to see bloggers linking to one another and saying positive things. But doing the actual posts and nominating others can be a ton of work. Just choosing the blogs to nominate is a job all by itself, and it can be hard to work them in if you’re blogging every day and have your own regular features to maintain. Plenty of people just don’t accept them for this very reason.

    I have no idea how many award nominations I have pending at this point.


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