Technology for Better or Worse

Recently I have watched a couple of different videos that have discussed the goods and evils of technology. It has been something probably pretty well discussed in a variety of areas, but I think is always good to remember. I think some of it breaks down to whether you control technology or you let technology control you. If you let technology control you then it is dictating how you live your life, which means that you might be missing out on life in some ways. At the same time technology does amazing and wonderful things now a days. We can talk to people half way across the world like its nothing. The ability to connect and work more efficiently has meant that we can accomplish so much more. It is when we sacrifice are real life connections for those efficiencies that we start to run into problems.

I want to share with you two of the videos that I watched this week. One is from Q Ideas and it is from a faith based organization, but even if you do not have a belief I think it speaks to the potential problems of technology. The talk is called Numb Generations. The other video is a trailer for an amazing documentary called Cyber Seniors. It is a documentary that looks at a bunch of seniors who get taught to use a computer for the first time by some high school students. It looks so cute as you see the teens help these seniors connect with family, explore YouTube. It is exciting to see the possibilities that learning technology presents for these seniors.

Numb Generations

This was such an interesting talk and the stories that the speaker tells are so sad and true. We cannot let the use of technology distract us from what is really happening in our lives.

Cyber Seniors

Those of us who have grown up with this technology and seen it grow we can take for granted everything that we are able to do and use. It is so great to see these two different generations connect and be able to share with one another. The uses that some of the seniors have for the technology is great.

Capacity for Good and Evil

Obviously David and I love technology. We use a variety of different technologies and my job is heavily reliant on my use of technology. At the same time I love when I can take vacations where I can unplug. Part of what is great about a cruise is that, unless I want to spend a ton of money, I really cannot be in touch. There is so much more we can do. The problem is when we ignore the people who are present in our lives. Technology is a tool we can use, but it is possible to let it control us and that is when we can get into dangerous territory.


2 responses to “Technology for Better or Worse

  1. I agree, especially with the part about ignoring people who are present in our lives. If we allow our lives to be controlled by technology to that extent, in my opinion, the technology becomes a sort of drug. At least in the sense that it alienates us from reality and warps our relationships.

    At the same time, it’s dependent on what exactly you’re doing with technology. Back when I was a hard-core gamer, I allowed video games to distract me from life, and it got to the point where I suffered for it. These days, though, I mostly use the technology to produce creative stuff and communicate with people. And I’m careful to unplug regularly – I don’t spend much time online on the weekends; I try to give as much of that time as possible to my family.


    • I agree it depends on how you use it. I still love video games and it is something David and I do together although it is definitely not all the time. We do not play World of Warcraft anymore, but I still hold that when we were having to live in separate states it helped us be together. We had something that we could still do together.

      David and I have chosen to actually use Sunday as a Sabbath and part of that is trying to not check email or Facebook. Whatever we end up doing it is about being there with other people and not doing things that we consider work. It means we may do a little more on Saturday or during the week but it guarantees a day where we get to relax and be present with each other.


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