Daily Archives: May 17, 2014

Technology for Better or Worse

Recently I have watched a couple of different videos that have discussed the goods and evils of technology. It has been something probably pretty well discussed in a variety of areas, but I think is always good to remember. I think some of it breaks down to whether you control technology or you let technology control you. If you let technology control you then it is dictating how you live your life, which means that you might be missing out on life in some ways. At the same time technology does amazing and wonderful things now a days. We can talk to people half way across the world like its nothing. The ability to connect and work more efficiently has meant that we can accomplish so much more. It is when we sacrifice are real life connections for those efficiencies that we start to run into problems.

I want to share with you two of the videos that I watched this week. One is from Q Ideas and it is from a faith based organization, but even if you do not have a belief I think it speaks to the potential problems of technology. The talk is called Numb Generations. The other video is a trailer for an amazing documentary called Cyber Seniors. It is a documentary that looks at a bunch of seniors who get taught to use a computer for the first time by some high school students. It looks so cute as you see the teens help these seniors connect with family, explore YouTube. It is exciting to see the possibilities that learning technology presents for these seniors. Continue reading