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So David mentioned that David and I wanted to talk about the new show we discovered called Believe that we were really enjoying. But of course when I went to look at when it premiered what do I find out except that it got cancelled on May 9. The show had only started on March 10 and two months later it has been cancelled. I think it didn’t have the best chance partly due to it’s time slot, Sunday night is usually not a great starting night for a tv show. It just seems sad because this is the second decent science fiction show, in my humble opinion, to have been cancelled. Almost Human, a show about the police force in the future and the human / robot relationship between a forced police partnership. The relationship between Kennex and Dorian was so good and it had so much potential, but it just did not hit its stride. Shows get cancelled for a variety of reasons and Science Fiction shows seem to have a tougher time getting an audience. Both of these shows got cancelled, but I think of some of the problem was how they were handled. 

Almost Human



This show had such potential and a great line up of actors. I mean Karl Urban is fabulous, and Michael Ealy did a fabulous job as an android with a heart. It explored some of the ideas today of what happens when technology outpaces the laws and how in the wrong hands those can be problematic. Some of the problems that I personally found with the show is that they did not show us enough of the world that they lived in. We were introduced to the idea of a wall that is keeping the city safe really late in the game and even showed someone going over the wall. They could have made such a bigger deal out of the world that Almost Human takes place in. The other problem, from what I have heard, is that they aired the episodes out of order, which messed with the relationship between Kennex and Dorian because it is meant to move forward, but it end up a bit of a roller coaster. This just ended up with the show being a bit disjointed. There were probably some other reasons, but the actors did a great job and the relationship between the two main characters was so good.


I am kind of surprised to hear that Believe ended up getting cancelled, but I do not pay too much attention to ratings. The show has been so good. It really presented an interesting story of what if there were people who had some extra abilities and what it would mean. I have been fascinated as the story about who Bo is unfolds and we learn more about her. Now some times I do want to shake her because she is endangering people who are trying to save her life, but she is so optimistic and cannot turn her back on anyone, which makes her admirable at the same time she is a child. It does play with a lot of themes that we have seen before, X-Men, Heroes, etc. It does come off a little bit like Magneto versus Professor Xavier, but put in to a different context. At the same time we tend to love stuff like that and David and I have been enjoying it so far. One reason I think the show did not do well is because of the Sunday night show time. That is just not usually a big time for shows and I think is just not a time that people tend to be watching. The other reason I could see is if you do not like Bo you are not going to like this show because it is about her. It is about the fact that she just has a pull on the people around her that you cannot fully explain. I have really liked the characters, but if you don’t like the characters you won’t like the show.

Why Bother

It can be difficult when shows that you like seem to get cut off before they are really given a shot. I have a lot of shows that I already watch and love to watch, but if there is a good story or a good character to be told then I love watching it. Seeing a good story unfold just takes you away from your normal life, but makes you think about things a little differently. You never know what the tv stations are going to do so the best you can do is watch and see what happens.


6 responses to “Good Science Fiction Cancelled

  1. Out of all the shows I’ve started watching this season, 6 got cancelled, including a lot of Science Fiction: Almost Human, Believe, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People and Intelligence works as investigation but is kind of Science Fiction also. This makes me sad though I am grateful that so far Almost Human, Intelligence and The Tomorrow People (save for a new arc started with one of my favorite characters that left me shaking fist at the screen), didn’t end in horrible cliffhangers.


  2. Sad to hear that BELIEVE got cancelled – I have one episode left on Hulu and felt like it really only hit its stride in the last couple of eps.

    One show I started watching this year and am glad to see is returning is CW’s “The 100”. It’s a bit Earth-2-y in concept, and some of the decision-making is decidedly ridiculous (you have a space ark full of law-abiding citizens, limited means of escape, and you waste 100 spots on crime-committing delinquents after spending all kinds of resources keeping them alive?) but the characters have been engaging all along and the story seems to be evolving nicely. Plus, Ellen Tigh (well, the actress who played her, anyways) just showed up a couple episodes ago – and you KNOW she’s up to something.

    Anyways, again, sorry to hear that BELIEVE has bitten the dust.


    • I watched a little bit if The 100, but some of the characters, the kids, really annoyed me. The adult drama back on the ship is actually interesting and the whole premise is pretty fascinating. I might see if I can play catch up on Hulu. Also I loved Ellen Tigh on BSG so it would be neat to see that actress in a new role.


  3. I love SyFy and am sick of every show I get into getting axed while reality shows and crappy crime drama shit just keep getting more and more crap spin offs who the fuck makes these decisions they should be beaten to death slowly and painfully fucking cunts I cant believe people would rather watch mind numbing retarded shit then watch something with real substance FUCK NBC YOU FUCKING CUNTS!


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