Daily Archives: May 1, 2014

Noah, Litflix Delayed

David and I went and saw Noah at the end of March, but then we got in to the A to Z Challenge and just did not find the time to get my ltflix written. So now that the challenge is over I am trying to play a little bit of catch up. In doing the litflix I want to focus on the story of Noah as a story and not get in to a religious discussion. In the end even if without any actual belief there is a story that is told with Noah. Even without the religious elements there is a lot of difference between what they showed in the movie and what story is told in the Bible. A lot of the changes seemed to be added for dramatic effect and some definitely seems to be influenced by someone’s interpretation of the story.

There are only a couple of points that I really want to discuss. One thing is that in the Noah story in the Bible when they talk about Noah and his family getting on the ark, the kids are already grown and married. The other part is how dark they decided to take the movie when there is not even an implication of some of those pieces. (Spoilers for the Noah movie after the jump). Continue reading