Y is for Yuna

YDavid and I both enjoyed Final Fantasy X. The story is fantastic and it is the game that introduced the world to Auron one of the best characters. Now the biggest problem with the game and the story it told is that it focused on the wrong character. Tidus was such a boring character and seemed really superfluous to the story in some ways. Yuna on the other hand was a woman on a mission and everything that was happening revolved around her journey and mission. It just seemed so odd to have the focus of the game be Tidus and he was kind of an annoying character. Yuna is this amazing character who believes that it is her calling to take down Sin and save the world. She is fearless, loyal, and sometimes believes in people a bit too much.


As a summoner Yuna made the choice to embark on a pilgrimage to expel Sin. She follows Yevon’s teaching and believes what she has been taught. She may be young, but she truly believes that what she is doing is right and will help people. She is doing all of this because she believes the teachings and she is a kind and selfless person. As a summoner she makes sure to do her duty and follow the course as it has been laid out. This leads to a little bit of blind following, but she is not closed to other thoughts.


Now as a summoner she has a lot of responsibilities, but it is her loyalty and kindness to her friends that make them defend her so fiercely. She has many people in her life, all of whom gladly and willingly protect her on her journey. Part of this is that she is always encouraging them in their endeavors and sometimes they can even come before her own needs. She inspires those around her to greatness and more times than not greatness follows.


Now with the blind faith and loyalty Yuna tends to see the best in people, but this does not always go well. She tries to see the good and does not suspect the evil, which in the course of the game leads her into trouble. At the same time she is not helpless, and when she does discover that she is wrong she does not let it break her. Instead she stands up and fights back. She has kindness, but she also has a lot of strength.

Yuna is so much more interesting than Tidus and they failed to do her justice in Final Fantasy X. Then they made Final Fantasy X-2, but failed to have the same impact as X.

3 responses to “Y is for Yuna

  1. Then she sang and put in dresses!

    FFX-2 was a travesty.

    That said, Yuna makes a great deuteragonist. FFX had a great supporting cast, world, and music. I didn’t really enjoy Yuna so much either, but I think this write up does paint her in a more favorable light than I had previously thought.


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