Q is for Quark

QQ was definitely a more difficult letter to come up with a character for. There were a couple options, some seemed too obvious, but then I stumbled across Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Quark is the owner of the bar by the same name on the space station. He is a Ferengi, so his ideas of how to do business, and live life in general fall under that mindset. At the same time by being on the space station he spends a lot of time around a lot of other races, which makes him a little more open to other ideas. It has been a while since I have watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but I remember really liking Quark. He was such an interesting character partly due to the customs of the Ferengi and dealing with a lot of other cultures.

Ferengi Culture

The interesting thing about the Ferengi is that they are very business focused. Every decision is about profit. It creates a different set of rules for reactions and engagements. The main point is whether it makes good business. Now this is not how most other people think so it makes for some interesting interactions. Now the other side to this is that they tend to hate feeling cheated. They appreciate shrewd business and this dictates everything. Instead of rules of law they created rules of acquisition, which is meant to protect the business engagements between citizens. This over everything shows how important it is.

This in terms of Quark makes sense that he owns his own business and runs that business prudently. The times that he seems to really get upset is when his business in placed in jeopardy. At the same time being around people who think differently then he does has made him not follow all the business rules so strictly.

Quark on Deep Space Nine

Quark provides a vital service to the space station, even though as a Ferengi he tends to complain and whine about things not going his way. A place for people to drink is also a place for people to talk. It is amazing what information can be found or overheard in a bar and Quark seems to get his hands on quite a bit of it. At the same time this is part of what keeps Quark in business. At times he can be sneaky because he is about getting a profit, but he seems to care about the other people on the space station. There is a certain point where if you are around people long enough they can rub off on you a bit. This can be seen by the fact that Quark tends to get in trouble with other Ferengi because he is not being a shrewd enough business man and following the rules of acquisition. It definitely makes for an interesting character on Deep Space Nine.

2 responses to “Q is for Quark

  1. I always thought Quark was a very interesting character. And I definitely felt sorry for the actor – I can’t imagine how many hours he spent it the chair each day getting his face put on and then removed.

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,


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