P is for Peter Petrelli

PHeroes had one of the best first seasons of a show in recent memory, which in part stands out because it had such a decline thereafter. I have always held it was the writer’s strike that killed the show, as season 2 seemed to be going somewhere, and then in a rush to finish the season, they took all the easy ways out. They lost most of their viewership then, Holly and I included.

That all said, I am cautiously optimistic at the thought of Heroes Reborn, the reboot of the Heroes world, and it has me reminiscing on the show. And thinking back to that driving character: Peter Petrelli. While the early seasons never really had a “team” of Heroes or anything quite like that, there was nonetheless the obvious choice for who would find them, and who would lead them. Peter Petrelli, the man whose power was the use the powers of those he met. The one who knew, unlike the others, that they weren’t alone – that they were in it together.

Great for Speculation

Heroes Season 1Heroes was a large ensemble cast, and had a ton of plots going on, with people running into each other and separating every episode. Actually kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones, now that I think about it…

However, Peter Petrelli I remember as being one of the most compelling – as we met characters, and as we watched Peter learn about his powers, we started speculating, thinking ahead, wondering what they were going to do with the story. Things like “ooo, Peter needs to meet up with this person!” and “oh man, Peter needs to stay away from them!”

Eventually – and especially in the key episode Five Years Gone set in the future – Peter has nearly everyone’s powers, can do just about anything. Healing, flying, invisibility, energy, future visions… all the greatest hits. To get there, we wanted him to get there first…

Because they built a fantastic villain as well in Sylar, with almost that same power as Peter Petrelli… except that Sylar has to kill people to get their power. Peter could pick it up from just meeting the person – which is sometimes bad, if he meets someone with a dangerous, uncontrollable power!

It was fun to watch and think about what you COULD do with a character like Peter Petrelli, and I think he was a powerful driving force for the show.

Heroes Reborn

So I can see why a show like Heroes Reborn is in the works. CW has their superhero show going strong in Arrow, and ABC has their superhero show in Agents of SHIELD. NBC is sitting on what was a very popular concept and world, that could definitely be restarted.

There’s rumors that previous characters might appear, but the point of the show would be new characters. So if I had to pick a character to bring back, it would be Peter Petrelli. I say this without really knowing what happened in seasons 3 and 4, it’s true, but I think he makes some of the most sense. To borrow an X-Men analogy, he’s the most Professor Xavier-like character, believing they have a positive purpose, and able to find and bring them together.

And I guess to follow my X-Men analogy, Sylar wasn’t really the Magneto analog – he was out for himself, for power. For survival of the fittest, with himself as the fittest – unless Peter Petrelli could stop him (again, see Five Years Gone!). In X-Men terms, I see him more as Apocalypse.

Meaning there’s room for someone to be pro-Heroes, to be for them taking control and ruling with their power. I guess the parents’ generation in Heroes kind of filled this role, and the shadowy organization they ran. But there was never a charismatic leader of them, never a singular purpose.

So those are some of my thoughts on Peter Petrelli, but what do you think? About him, or Heroes, or Heroes Reborn? Let us know in the comments below! I tried to avoid spoilers, so if you could do likewise!

7 responses to “P is for Peter Petrelli

  1. I had no idea about Heroes Reborn. Thank you so much for that.


  2. I watched all of Heroes, and it was a guilty pleasure after Season Two, which as you say, started off heading somewhere and then kind of stalled.

    Season Three was bad from the start.

    But I always liked Peter, and even though I complain about Seasons 3 and 4, there were elements of enjoyment. I’m hoping that if they do come back with Heroes Reborn, they’ll have more faith in their material to do a good story.


    • I have always wanted to see what I missed with seasons 3 and 4… just never enough to do something like actually buy them.

      Okay, so I just went and looked. They have the whole series now on Hulu. I guess I don’t have an excuse… Maybe I’ll marathon through them and report back here on the blog!

      Because season 1 of Heroes was one of the best seasons of Television I have ever seen, so if they could somehow recapture that… I’m definitely going to give this show a try!


      • The second half of Season Three is much better than the first half of Season Three. Brace yourself, Warrior.

        Season Four was a bit better.

        Unless I am misremembering things. If you watch the show on Hulu, I look forward to reading your impressions.


  3. Only saw an episode and could see the writing on the wall…Still Peter sounds awesome! Always loved this power. Cheers.


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