O is for Olaf

ODavid and I only watched Frozen a few weeks ago because the initial trailers had not made the movie look that interesting. One of the issues I had was actually that Olaf was going to be an annoying gimmick and not a fully formed character. You often see this in movies and it usually comes across more annoying than anything else. When I heard about how popular Frozen was and still is I knew that we needed to make an effort to see it and was pleasantly surprised. One of the surprising things was that I really did love Olaf, he was a great character and was fun to watch on screen. The part that was great about him is that he is so child like, it creates an innocence and amazement as to what is going on. Everything is incredible to Olaf, which makes him fun to watch.


The part that is great about Olaf is that he connects back to the better time in Anna and Elsa’s lives. We see the initial creation of him as just a regular snowman when they are children. It is not until later when Elsa creates him using all her force of magic that she brings him to life, but does not even notice. It is neat to see that the first thing she creates is Olaf, which is her connection to the fun that she had with her powers when she was a little girl. Infused in to Olaf is all of this innocence, which is what makes him so adorable. Everything that happens is so joyful and amazing, it helps remind us of a time when we believed in wonder.

Snowman in Summer

Now part of this child like innocence is not understanding what happens to snow when it gets warmer. There is just something fantastic about a snowman who wants to see summer because they never can. Snowmen will never seen green grass, sandy beaches, flowers in the fields, or generally warm weather. It is difficult to not feel sorry for Olaf because you know that summer should mean his end and yet it is his one big dream. There is just something fabulous about a snowman that wants to see summer. It is at least partially a reminder that our dreams should be big.


The sense of wonder that Olaf brings to the movie Frozen is really inspiring. It is such a small thing, but so many times we forget how amazing simple every day occurrences can be. Olaf brings this alive again for us. Helps us to remember how wonderful things can be.


4 responses to “O is for Olaf

  1. He was my O as well! I agree with everything you said: the innocence, the wonder, the joy. He brought it all to the movie and was such an embodiment of Elsa and Anna’s dreams. Simply put he was hope, hope in their bond as sisters. Cheers 🙂


  2. My girls loved it.
    Nice to meet and connect through the AtoZ challenge.


  3. Awww YES, and he did get to enjoy summer because Elsa gave him his own cloud to protect him!
    And I do know of adults (me and my friends) who can still get a sense of wonder.


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