K is for Kennex

KToday I am going to take a quick look at what we know so far of Detective John Kennex from Almost Human. Almost Human takes place in 2048 where technology has advanced at a pace that the police cannot keep pace. Detective Kennex grew up with the increase in technology and the lack of police and laws cannot keep up with the changes. Due to the lack of man power every officer is assigned a combat ready android as their partner. Kennex is one who does not think that this move is the right one for moving forward and actively tries to thwart being assigned an android. Instead he gets paired with an old model android that was about to be decommissioned due to it behaving, what some would say is erratic and others called human. The pairing of Kennex with an android that is not all logic makes for an interesting repartee between the two of them. Kennex character is particularly interesting. The son of a cop, betrayed by someone he loves, and having to live as part machine for the rest of his life.

Son of a Cop

The fact that Kennex is the son of a cop definitely shapes his character. He knows how the system has grown and changed, which makes him very cynical of the new android partner. He knew of his father’s experience in the system and had been a cop for a while himself before this change was implemented. It definitely seems like part of his issue is the fact that you used to have a guy who had your back, but the androids are just thinking of the most likely outcome instead of taking a risk to save the day. Kennex trusted when he had a person at his side, but he does not trust the android. It is great to see as his trust has grown with Dorian and to see him re-evaluate his biases.

Betrayed and Destroyed

In the very beginning of the series we find out that Kennex was leading an operation that ended badly. Many of his fellow officers died in the event and it turns out that someone close to Kennex betrayed him and is the reason that things went poorly. During the operation the androids assisting them basically decided that the officers could not be saved and abandoned them to their fate because they decided they could not be saved. This left Kennex to try and get them out by himself, which ended up with others dead and him losing a leg. This just furthered his feeling that he cannot really trust people or machines and now has a machine has a leg. He wants to catch the criminals, but does not trust others to actually be there a lot of times.

Good Cop

The best part about Kennex is that he is a good cop. You appreciate his point of view because when it comes down to it he will put his own life on the line to do the right thing. He will keep digging to find the truth even when others think that they have already found it. He is willing to bend and sometimes break the rules, but he is a man of honor and integrity, which is why we end up cheering for him to succeed.


7 responses to “K is for Kennex

  1. I’m glad to see a post mention Kennex and Almost Human. I really enjoyed this show. I know that it’s likely to be axed, but I’m still hoping that it might be renewed (wishful thinking I know). It was so promising!


  2. Almost Human is one of those shows that I should be watching. My wife and I were DVRing it, and we saw some episodes and liked them, but our available TV watching time is pretty slim, and eventually we had to free up DVR space.

    But I totally respect you featuring Karl Urban’s character in your alphabetical listing. It warms my heart. (He was my favorite Judge Dredd as well, but with only Stallone as competition, that’s not saying much.)

    I might need to watch Dredd again soon.

    (Sorry this reply went off topic.)


    • I love Karl Urban which is part of the reason I wanted to watch Almost Human. He is an actor who gets lost in the role. I don’t see Karl Urban I see his character, which is impressive. I agree he was an amazing Judge Dredd partly because he never took the helmet off. So many movies we have to have the face shot of the hero so they remove protective gear to show the face.


  3. Kennex is a very cool character! I’m sorry his show has so many effects that make it axeable if not for mega ratings. And I enjoy Almost Human. The cast is actually excellent, but I admit Kennex is one of my favorite! I love his repartee with Dorian and how Dorian is making Kennex more human. Haha. Cheers.


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