A is for Alistair

ADavid and I both loved the first Dragon Age game and one of our favorite characters is Alistair. He has a pretty serious past, which contrasts greatly with his smartass actions and comments. Alistair is with you for the entire game, which in so many ways is fabulous because he is hilarious. The conversations between him and any of the other characters is simply a joy. The conversations that you can have with him are just full of the most sarcastic smartass comments as possible. It makes for great comic relief during the game and creates some great conflict with some of the other characters. (Potential spoilers for Dragon Age after the jump)

Grey Warden

When we first meet Alistair it is when we are being asked to join the Grey Wardens. He is already one of the Grey Wardens and in some ways is left to take care of us after the ritual. The moment in general is very serious, but I do not know if there is ever a moment when Alistair can be serious. As a Grey Warden, which is a respected and very serious position and all he can do is make jokes. Even though he makes jokes he actually became a Grey Warden because he is a bastard child of royalty. It becomes less controversial when a potential heir to the throne joins a group that basically abandons all allegiances and whose sole alliance is to the Wardens and protecting the realm. This in itself says a lot about Alistair choosing to join the Wardens.

Humor Hiding Pain

The funny thing about Alistair is that through all the humor and smartass comments, is really hiding someone who is not sure who he really is. He grew up not really knowing who is father was and being raised by an Uncle who then ends up sick and almost dead due to magical means. For a time he was going to be a Templar, but right before he is about to complete the trials, Duncan shows up and brings him over to the Grey Wardens. Anytime the conversations might lead somewhere serious Alistair starts cracking jokes. There are also times when he actually reveals more than intended and then he uses self-deprecating humor to cover up any of his vulnerabilities. Underneath all the vibrato there is definitely someone who is more than meets the eye.

Interaction With Other Characters

Now one of the great parts of Alistair’s humor is his interaction with some of the other characters, in particular Morrigan. She of course being a wild mage and he being a former templar causes some of the most hilarious interactions as they despise one another. At the same time both use sarcasm and wit to undo the other. It creates some priceless moments. I think my other favorite interactions are when Alistair interacts with the war hound that you saved in the first part of the game. The dog is such a great addition and seeing Alistair interact and talk to the dog are some of the better moments in the camp. Alistair is just such a great addition to the world of Dragon Age and causes some interesting choices later on in the game due to his heritage.

5 responses to “A is for Alistair

  1. I love that I can follow this and get something out of it without knowing anything about Dragon Age. The “humor hiding pain” section is my favorite part, and I love it when I see video games been analyzed like any other text.

    I wasn’t sure what you decided about doing the A to Z here, so this is very cool. I’ll link CompGeeks to my A to Z page next time I update it.

    Question, Holly – are you two sharing the challenge here, or are you doing all the A to Z posting for CG? I’m mostly asking because I’m curious about how you’ve organized it.

    Best of luck, and I hope the first day has been for y’all.


  2. Stephen Tremp

    Welcome … David and Holly? … to the A to Z Challenge! I hope you are out and about visiting other blogs. This will bring new traffic here. And humor hiding pain? I do this all the time. Wifey thinks I’m a smart ass. But I’m merely trying to communicate to her something I cannot say in normal words.


  3. Love this analysis! I think I even know Dragon Age? Maybe…I’ll ask him when he gets home tomorrow afternoon! Haha. I loved that he was a member of Royalty turned Grey Warden – like you suggested it says so much about him! My wait all day for this post was worth it. Oh and my fav part was about the dog! It says so much about a person, doesn’t it? Cheers 🙂


  4. Great post! Alistair is a very interesting character and Dragon Age one of my favorite video game franchises.


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