Limiting Trailer Consumption

For a while now I have thought that trailers give too much of the movie away. Recently with the Lego Movie, while they did not give all the jokes away or the plot for that matter they did give away almost all the Batman jokes. I still loved the movie, but I had seen the various trailers so much that the Batman jokes ended up feeling kind of old. It made me wonder about whether watching as many trailers as we do is actually a good idea if we know we are going to see the movie. 

I do not know if it is just recently or if I am watching more trailers / specials, but they seem to be giving more away. One way is that there seems to be an increase in showing clips from the movie. Even at other movies they will do special presentations of a big name movie that is coming out. The idea is to get people who want to see that other movie coming to the other movie, but it is also giving a way a moment from the big name movie. The problem is by watching all these trailers and features you are missing out on seeing the moments for the first time in the context of the movie. It does not ruin the movie, but if I am going to see it anyway, why not go in unspoiled.

Reveals Too Much

There has been a feature for Divergent, Veronica Mars, and Captain America. I have only watched the one for Captain America and that is mostly because it was before another movie that I was seeing. I am kind of wondering if it would be better if I did not know that this scene happens if I would be more surprised when it came up during the movie. I know that it is almost impossible to go in to a movie knowing nothing about some of the visuals you are going to see. At the same time the less you see the more that you can be surprised by what is going to happen. I understand that studios are trying to entice people to go to the movie by showing the action, but do they really have to give almost the entire movie away in the process.

Already Going to See It

The reason that I realized that I do not need to watch as many trailers is because I am already going to see a lot of these movies. If I already know I am going to see a movie then why do I need to watch trailer after trailer telling me what I already know. I think watching the initial teaser and first trailer is not a bad idea because it is a good idea to have an idea of what your walking in to (in my opinion). At the same time there are a ton of movies, particularly sequels, that I am going to see no matter what because I have an expectation of what I am going to see. Then there are movies that I will want to see because the subject matter is interesting enough. I am wondering if I will have a better experience coming in to a movie with less pre-knowledge then watching every trailer that gets released leading up to the movie. The purpose of the trailer is to make me want to see the movie, if I already want to see it why do I need to watch the trailer.

Trailers Misleading

The other part is that trailers are not the end all be all. There are many movies who get trailers that either make them look better than they are or worse. My personal favorite example is How to Train Your Dragon. When the trailers for that movie came out it just looked so stupid and very childish. David and I finally saw it because it happened to be on HBO one night and decided what the heck. We were both absolutely shocked because the movie was fantastic. The pair of Hiccup and Toothless is amazing. This would have been such a fun movie to see in theaters, but  the trailer made it not look good. It would be disappointing to have a trailer show a movie that I am already planning on seeing looking not as good as I want it to be.

Minimal Trailer Watching

I kind of mentioned the plan at first, but to be clear my plan is to only watch the first teaser and maybe the first trailer of movies that I am planning to watch. Also, if after the first trailer I definitely want to watch the movie I will not actively seek out more. Now the only issue will be if there is a movie that I am not sure that I want to see. Then I will probably watch more trailers to determine if I want to see it. Now obviously this is not going to guarantee that I end up seeing all the movies that I want to, but it should hopefully help me to go into a movie a little bit more open about what is going to happen instead of knowing quite so much. This way I will be paying attention to the movie and not wondering when a certain scene will show up.

2 responses to “Limiting Trailer Consumption

  1. Living the Geek Life

    I came to the realization that I had to cut back all the way back when X2 came out. When watching the movie, I felt like I’d already seen do much of it, which lessened the thrill factor.

    My current method is to view one or two of the early trailers, then put myself in a trailer moratorium. It’s not easy, though – I had to work super hard to avoid all the Catching Fire ads last year! 🙂


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