Comparative Opinions – Veronica Mars

Yesterday, Holly gave her review of the Veronica Mars movie. This was from the perspective of a fan, someone who had watched the show when it was on the air, has seen them all in order, and knows the story and characters.

We thought it made sense to also have me do a review. While I am not completely new to the Veronica Mars story, I’ve only caught random parts of episodes, in syndication, or when Holly was rewatching the show in the background. So without knowing these things, what was this movie like? I don’t have much to say on the subject, but it seems worth saying.

My quick statement is, if you’re like me, and know of Veronica Mars, and there’s a fan of the show in your life, you will enjoy watching this movie with them. It is entertaining, the fanservice does not completely shut out the non-fans, and I could definitely follow it. But for more, onwards!

Logical Flow of Time

One of the things they decided to do was to have the passage of time between the end of the show and now match the passage of time in the world of the show. So there’s no stretch to try to make it seem like the characters are a far different age than you might expect.

They also decided that nothing like the plot of the show had been happening in the time in-between. The decision that Veronica left town and was away from it all, so they aren’t leaving us trying to imagine 9 years of shenanigans and private eye action. This means that the story in the movie stands alone, that there is a reason for to reminisce, and remember and discuss what’s going on and why it’s happening. Which worked for me at least to fill in any gaps.

Of Course It’s A Reunion

It seems impossible to write this sort of story, however, without it being a High School Reunion. To be fair, these are a real thing which happen and which are awkward and interesting for people to go to, so fair enough. And they are a good excuse for sneaking in characters, for explaining why they are all there, why they are showing off where their life has gone in the intervening years.

So is it the most original sort of story from that standpoint? No. However, does having the timing coincide with a reunion work? Sure it does. Then, so many of the references don’t feel forced. Maybe the reunion feels forced, but once that’s accepted, the rest follows from there.

Mystery in a Movie

My one other realization after watching this movie is, how many actual mystery movies are there? Like, big screen movie, that is a mystery story? Some are thriller-types that are mysterious to the audience, perhaps, but a mystery?

So many of the TV shows on the air are detective, police, mystery sorts of shows. That’s because the hour-long format, the procedural, the week-to-week sorts of aspects all lend themselves better to that presentation. Mystery book series tend to be long and have many books in them. You have to keep a mystery story concise and short, to not give away too much, or drag it too long. If your entire audience knows what happened and where you’re going, you have failed at presenting a mystery.

This movie does a pretty darn good job of keeping a mystery going for its full length. This is done in part by adding in the human elements, mystery around what Veronica is going to decide to do, things like that. And adding in the sub-plot of the ever-present dirty police force. But overall, for being a movie, from a TV show, in a genre that is not traditionally one for the big screen, this was pretty darn good.

So if the Marshmallow in your life wants to watch this movie, you’ll probably have a good time joining them in the watching. And if you’re the Marshmallow, don’t think that you’re imposing too much by asking someone to join you watching this!

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