Veronica Mars the Movie

As most of you probably know Veronica Mars the Movie is coming out in a couple of weeks. Some of you might have even helped with the Kickstarter campaign. I am so excited about this movie coming out. I watched the series when it was on originally and it was so good. The third season is a bit of a let down, but I think some of that is because they were trying so hard to keep it alive somehow. Now with the movie coming out we will finally get to see what happens to  all of our favorite characters. Which raised some questions for me.

First of all will this movie be accessible to people who do not really know the tv show? With something like this I do not know if it will matter, but it can be difficult to make the jump to a movie and still have it widely accessible. The other part that is interesting is that they are going to only release the movie in a limited number of theaters, but will do a simultaneous release to videos on demand. This creates another interesting aspect for the movie because if it is not available at my local theater will it be available via video on demand?

Accessible Story

Whether this story will be accessible to those who have not watched Veronica Mars the tv show is a difficult one to answer without watching the movie. I think they can pull off a story that makes sense to those outside of the original story. At the same time I don’t know if they will be able to get the full depth of the story. Are they going to understand the complicated nature of all the relationships? Are they going to understand Veronica’s history and what it is that she has been able to do? Do they even want to watch it in the first place? At the same time I do not know that any of these questions really matter because you know you have a fan base who will watch this movie. The people who helped pay for the Kickstarter campaign know and love these characters and want to see the movie about them. It will be interesting to see what the ticket sales are like during the first weekend. At the same time it is a hard to calculate how much they really made considering it was fan money in the first place.

Video On Demand

This leads in to the other interesting part about the Veronica Mars movie and that is how they are choosing to release it. As I said they already know that they have a decently large fan base who will go and watch this movie. So first the studio who is partially backing the movie is actually renting the theater screens to show the movie. Since they got so much money from fans initially and know they have a guaranteed movie goers they are renting out specific theaters to show the movie in. Now by doing this they are able to offer the movie as a video on demand on the same release date. Normally the studio does a split with the theaters and part of the agreement is that the video on demand gets delayed for a certain period of time. With the studio renting the theaters they will get all profits from the ticket sales and can release the movie  using other distribution methods at the same time.

The biggest piece about this new way of doing it is that I am not sure how they are going to calculate ticket sales. The box office might just show physical ticket sales to an actual movie, but it will be interesting to see how the video on demand does. I know that we will most likely not be getting Veronica Mars in a theater near us, so I am excited for the another option to see the movie on opening weekend.

Watch the Series

I do not know if I can express how much I loved this show and how excited I am to see the movie. Since it is the same creator I really hope he holds true to the characters and the previews make it seem like he will. With that in mind I think if you have not seen it you should watch the show (at least through the second season). You will have a much better idea of the characters and will hopefully add to the movie somewhat. The reason I hear you need to watch the third season is that apparently they are going to take some time in the movie to revolve some of those pesky cliffhangers that happened because the show got cancelled. Well here is hoping that this movie is a success and that it might make studios rethink how they need to do movies just a little bit.

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