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Religion in Science Fiction

Screenshot from Lightning Returns

Screenshot from Lightning Returns

David and I started playing Lightning Returns the other day and the story has major religious overtones. I knew you had 13 days until the end of the world, what I did not know is that Lightning has become the savior of souls trying to save as many people before time runs out and God remakes the world. Part of the reason you are saving the souls is because what good is the world without souls, which is an idea you could see a religion being built around. You are working for God trying to save the world, how much more connection do you need to religion? This is not the first time that religion has come up in Science Fiction. It is used in a variety of ways in various science fiction stories. One thing that I found interesting is religion in science fiction is presented in two different ways.

One is the simplest because there is a deity that people believe in and sometimes even get to see. The other option is a bit more nebulous because it is more about self improvement or self control. The different ways these religions are manifested can be an interesting. Continue reading