Everything is Awesome! – My Review of The Lego Movie

I was unapologetic in being excited for The Lego Movie, it being one of my most anticipated movies of 2014. I’ve found every Lego video game to be funny, and I was expecting no less from this movie. Visually, you can do the sort of slapstick humor that you see in, say, Looney Toons – things blowing up and walking away from it.

However, I don’t think that everyone was expecting quite what we got in this movie. Clearly it was not on everyone’s radar, as it took the critic community by storm. The number of positive reviews led to people writing negative reviews just to stand out in the crowd, I imagine – or at least, led to tongue-in-cheek negative reviews like the one on The Mary Sue.

So I don’t feel like there’s much I can add to the conversation, because I don’t feel the need to implore you to go see this movie. Others have already done so, and better. However, with as much as I was looking forward to this movie, I feel I would be remiss in not at least making a few comments about it. I will avoid spoilers, as I have noticed other reviewers doing a good job of so far!

Like In All Of His Films, Batman Is The Main Character

So I said I would avoid spoilers, but I will say, they did not fully succeed at this themselves. There were a number of things that we picked up from watching the trailers. Like with many comedies, the trailers showed a lot of the good jokes from the movie. Not to say these jokes weren’t funny, but some were funnier when first seen: thus, in the trailer. Then again, there was also this great “trailer” which I mentioned in another blog post:

It’s not quite a trailer, but it is. And it shows Batman, saying he’s the main character, which he’s of course not – well, except, he’s kind of the main character of the trailers. They included a lot of Batman’s best scenes in the trailers. Which was probably a good idea: he’s a character we know, and they’re good scenes. But I wasn’t surprised by anything that happened with Batman in the movie.

However, because of this focus, and the focus on a couple of other characters… they completely kept out a number of things from the trailers. Several great characters. The plot, really. So there was a lot to see that I was not spoiled on. I was just hoping for a bit more new Batman scenes than I got. But hey, we got other things.


Come for the Comedy, Stay for the Feels

And speaking of them not giving away the plot, they really didn’t. Some comedies, you feel like you’ve seen the jokes in the trailer, and then they fail to give you new material or a plot or anything else interesting. Not so with these counts in this movie. This movie had something I was not at all expecting: an honest to goodness spoiler. Events which happen which if I mentioned them, I would harm your viewing experience.

And which, if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s a real story there, with emotions and humanity and it’s really good. This is not, as many assumed, really a kids movie. It’s more of an adult movie, a fun and nostalgic sort of thing. There’s no reason kids can’t see it and enjoy it. So often with animated movies, you’re left saying the opposite: made for kids but adults can bear it.

Best Movie Ever?

This was a great review of the movie, remarkably spoiler free and with the highest rankings I have seen on a SourceFed Nerd movie review. They thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but they do point out, it’s tough with hearing such good things. You go in expecting so much then.

So is it one of the best films ever? Not mine to say. However, does it have staying power? I think the answer is yes. This is a movie which new generations can experience, enjoy, and grow up with. The sort of movie with a great journey that you can watch again, that you will buy and own and share. I really think it has those qualities.

Meaning also, I kind of hope they don’t even try to touch it with a sequel. Let it be.

Of course, they made a video game, so I’ll be playing that…

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