Vampire Academy as TV Series

Vampire Academy Book Cover from the

Vampire Academy Book Cover from the

As I mentioned in my Litflix exploring the Vampire Academy movie and books someone mentioned that the quality of the movie reminded them of a CW tv show. This in turn got me thinking about the fact that, yes, the story being told in the books probably would be better done as a CW TV show or some TV mini series akin Sleepy Hollow where you do not run the normal 24 episode season. You would have the time to flesh out the story that needs to be and have the build up that needs to happen and have the time to really flesh out these new ideas that you are presenting. Now obviously this could be the thought with almost any book series that they turn in to movies, but I do not know if Harry Potter would have worked as well in a TV show format. There is a lot that they had to cut out, but I think they were able to keep the main story in tact and they were dealing with some fundamentals that people already recognized of wizards and magic in general.

What I am going to present is an outline of how each season would progress leading up to the ultimate moment wherever that might be and how you might transition in to the next season. Now to do this there will be major spoilers, so if you think you want to read the books at all you do not want to continue on, if you do not care then enjoy my little thought exercise. Now there are too many details to give a complete description of each season, so I just try and hit the major points. It is an interesting exercise to go through because it makes you think about the driving force of the book series. One of the most interesting things that I realized about the story is that there are issues or points made in the first book that do not come to full fruition until the last book. It is these little details though that make the series so much fun to read and also why a TV series might have worked better. When you have those ideas they need time to develop and I do not know that a two hour movie is enough time.  (Major spoilers for the entire Vampire Academy Series after the jump.)

Vampire Academy

The first book is introducing a ton of ideas and relationships to us all of which will become significant through the course of the series in some way. The most important relationship is the one between Rose and Lissa, if we do not like either of them the show is pointless. The first episode could start showing a flashback of either them running away from the academy, but not giving enough away that we understand perfectly what happened. Having it start with bringing them back to the academy is a great way to explain the world that they live in, the political power dynamics, the role of guardians, etc. It also sets up the fact that Rose and Lissa feel like they are in danger for some reason, even if they cannot fully explain why. This sets up that level of mystery, explains the rules of the world we are operating in with the Moroi and Strigoi, and introduces us to the personalities of the two main characters. We will get brief glimpses at the other characters who will be important later on, but we really need to establish Rose and Lissa and their relationship.

The episodes as they move forward we have some of that same high school vibe of the popular kids, gossip, etc, but on top of that there is the reality of the political royal struggle and the fact that the Dragomir family is so close to the royal line. We would also have the growing mystery as dead animals seem to keep showing up around Lissa and as she discovers her ability to use Spirit. Rose and Lissa would have a bit of a falling out, which would then be mended. We would also need to spend a good amount of time featuring the connected characters; Victor (Dragomir family friend), Victor’s daughter, Dimitri, Mason, Christian. Each of the characters that have a larger purpose in the series as a whole. We need to make sure people know and understand their basic dynamic in the story.

Now this will all lead up to figuring out who has been hunting Lissa and trying to see her use her power. It is revealed that Lissa has the ability to bring anything back from the brink of death using an ability called Spirit, but it has a heavy price. The last two episodes would start with Lissa getting kidnapped and them chasing after her and then end with Victor getting caught in the act. This would tie up the big mystery of this season. Now I know we say we hate cliffhangers, but you have to give someone a reason to watch the next season. So we could end it by showing Victor’s daughter turning Strigoi. Showing her killing another Moroi as her eyes turn red, end scene. What is happening, why did she turn Strigoi.


This brings us to the beginning of the next season, now I know this is not where the book starts and although it does annoy me a little bit, a cliffhanger makes me pay attention to when a show is going to start again. So we start up with Lissa’s cousin having turned Strigoi and breaking her Uncle out of prison, attacking Rose in the process. Now in the last season we would have found out about Dimitri and Rose’s feelings for each other and about the fact that they know it can never be. At the same time seeing Rose attacked and hurt will bring out that dynamic even more, showing how much Dimitri really cares for Rose, even though he knows it is wrong. We would also spend the first episode dealing with Lissa and her use of Spirit and just getting back in to the swing of things at school.

The next episode would set up the story arch for this season and that is when Dimitri takes Rose to her interview that would determine her future for being a Guardian. They are going to a prominent Moroi’s family house and when they arrive they find that there has been a huge Strigoi attack and that humans must of helped them. This gets everyone in the Moroi community freaked out. The Strigoi have never been this organized before. So the school plans a ski trip for winter break because all the families are afraid to actually have their kids at home. If they kill the children that could end the lines of many families. Now the lead up to the ski trip, would be more high school stuff, Rose loves Dimitri and they are training together, but can never be together. Mason, a fellow guardian in training, is in love with Rose and endlessly flirting even though she can never really move on until she can get past her feelings for Dimitri. Highjinks would ensue we would get introduced to Christian’s Aunt Tasha, who is amazing in my opinion. There would be more whispers about the politics and the fear over the Strigoi attack. We would also get introduced to Adrian who is directly related to Queen Tatiana and we find out another spirit user.

This all leads up to a few of the students, including Mason, deciding to run off and try and hunt the organized pack of Strigoi. When Rose finds out her and Christian run off to find them leaving Lissa and Adrian behind to deal with the adults, including Rose’s mother who is an uber guardian there to help protect all the kids and dignitaries at the ski resort. When Rose and Christian catch up with Mason and the others they do make a startling discovery that the Strigoi have a list of the royal Moroi and are trying to kill them off. Of course before they can go back they get captured and subsequently tortured by the Strigoi in charge. As Rose is causing a distraction to try and get everyone out Mason comes to help her and ends up getting killed. It could probably end with Rose being rescued as she tries to protect Mason’s body from being taken.

Shadow Kiss

This would start out with Rose returning to the academy and receiving her marks for killing the two Strigoi, it is rare to have someone who does not have their official guardian tattoo to get the marks, but she earned them. There would be a somber beginning to this season, with Rose dealing with Mason’s death and wanting to train harder than ever. The end of last season would put a sharp perspective on Rose’s relationship with Dimitri because if they are nothing going to be Lissa’s guardians they have to protect her above everybody else and how can they do that if they are together. Now this season is not going to start out with quite the same sort of threat. There is always a threat of Strigoi attack, but this story is about how Rose is seeing dead people, particularly she is seeing Mason’s ghost. He is trying to tell her something, but she is not sure what and she is more freaked out than curious because there is no such thing as ghosts.

This season we will learn more about what it means for Rose to be Shadow Kissed and will have the trial of Victor’s to attend to. The relationship between Dimitri and Rose just keeps getting more complicated, but Rose seems to start to try moving on by sort of starting something with Adrian, relative of the Queen. The trial happens in the main Moroi city, so we get a little bit of time away from the school and get to experience the royal court in all its finer. This starts bringing further to light some of the political fights that we have been hearing about over the last few seasons. We get to experience how the Moroi live there lives and more starkly how much they rely on the guardians to protect them. At the same time Rose is dealing with the fact that she seemed to have blacked out when she flew recently and that on the school grounds she is still seeing a ghost, as well as trying to pass her live guardian exams.

This all leads up to the fact that some of the Moroi are trying to practice there elemental magic defensively, the problem is that they are doing it close to the shield that was put up around the school grounds. This is why Rose can see Mason’s ghost and what he was trying to warn her about. This has ended up weakening a point in the shield, which means that things, specifically the Strigoi could get in. Of course they end up getting in and taking some of the younger Moroi attending the school. The guardians organize a counterstrike to happen during the day to try and rescue those taken and kill the Strigoi that made the attack. In the process Dimitri gets sealed in with the Strigoi. Night time is coming so they have to wait until morning to retrieve the bodies. The problem happens that Dimitri’s body isn’t found, which most likely means he was turned. We end the season with Rose dropping out of school because she knows what she has to do and that is hunt down and kill Dimitri.

Blood Promise

Starting out we get Rose trying to figure out where to as she hunts down Dimitri, Lissa waking up to discover Rose has left and not fully understanding why. We would show the day that Rose left from Lissa’s perspective and everyone seeing that Rose is now gone would react in there way. We would probably do a passage of time and then come back to Rose in Russia trying to hunt down Strigoi to try and find Dimitri. The next episode might show her meeting up with some other freelance Strigoi hunters and teaming up with them temporarily so that they could help her in capturing and interviewing Strigoi for information. Not often done, but possible if you are organized.

This season would take us even further from the academy. Rose is in Russia, but Lissa is still at school constantly worrying about her. We get to see as Rose figures out where Dimitri is from, meets his family, and even meets someone else who is shadow kissed. Lissa would be making new friends at school, there would be a new headmaster to deal with and all the time worrying about Rose. Adrian would still be in contact because with his power over Spirit he can dream walk, talking to people while they sleep, so he in a way would still have a connection to Rose to tie the two stories together a little bit more. She hesitates as she begins to move forward with her plan. In the end the last few episodes of the season will deal with Rose and Dimitri.

The season will end with Rose escaping from Dimitri and killing him. Now after Rose leaves Dimitri’s family she finds out where he is and tries to attack him, but gets captured instead. Dimitri feeds off of her, but does not turn her right away. She sees the Dimitri she knew and he is keeping her drugged by feeding on her so much. After a while she realizes that she needs to get out of there. She successfully gets free, but as soon as night falls Dimitri is after her. She hesitates for just a second, but thinks she stabs him. She ends up back at the school after everything, and we end finding out that Dimitri is still alive and hunting her down. The other part she discovers is that a Moroi who could use spirit cured a Strigoi once and that Moroi was Victor’s brother Robert.

Spirit Bound

So here we start out it is towards the end of Rose’s time at the academy, she is about to get her mark as a guardian and be assigned the Moroi that she is supposed to protect. She is receiving letters from Dimitri to try and intimidate and scare her because he cannot leave her alone. Lissa and her are also planning to try and break in to the prison where Victor is held because they need to discover how to return a Strigoi to their former self. They start out going through the final days of high school and planning the scheme to break Victor out.

This then turns in to them actually going through with the plan to break Victor out and even more highjacks ensue. Victor is broken out they get him and Robert together to try and learn more about how spirit can be used to bring a Strigoi back to life. They are hunted along the way run in to fights and then see the act done in person when Robert brings back a former academy teacher who had turned Strigoi. Eventually Rose and Lissa end up in Vegas as a cover story and who do they run in to but Dimitri even though they get away that time. .

This is where the season finale comes in to play because now we have Lissa and Rose being taken back and people have been worried. Dimitri finally shows back up in the picture and ends up taking Lissa to lure Rose out. A strike team has been called in to rescue Lissa and Rose goes with them. During the attack somehow Lissa gets a hold of a stake and she infuses it with Spirit and strikes at Dimitri’s heart. Instead of killing him it cures him because it being infused with Spirit had the ability to bring him back to life to reconnect his soul. This would probably be the second to last episode or near the end. We would end with the reactions to the fact that Dimitri is alive, but it is an unprecedented event that just occurred. The ending would actually end up being Queen Tatiana ending up murdered and Rose being arrested for it.

Last Sacrifice

Now we have finally reached it the final season. We have built up the fact that there is political unrest in Moroi society, Lissa is a potential to the throne, she has the use of Spirit, and so much more. We begin with Rose being put on trial for the murder of Queen Tatiana. The first episode we find out what exactly happened to the Queen, why Rose is blamed for it, and the start of the trial. The second episode would delve further in to what this means for a successor, who will be the leader of the Moroi now. We would also discover that Lissa has a sister that she does not know about due to her father having an affair and that the Queen wanted Rose to find the sister to allow Lissa a chance for the throne. Of course all this will be done behind Lissa’s back with Rose on the run from the authorities, but would we really have it any other way.

Of course the season is all about the mystery and playing at various games. Rose is broken out of prison forced on the run with Dimitri who claims he does not love her anymore because he is too guilt ridden over the time he spent as a Strigoi. Lissa is playing the political princess with no chance of ever becoming Queen because to do so you need a second in your family and as all her family is dead all her chances are out the window, or so she thinks. The escape will be so exciting might even take up more than one episode. There will be so much intrigue and everyone will be on the edge of there sit wondering how it is all going to play out and how exactly Rose is going to figure out who killed Queen Tatiana.

This will culminate in an exciting series finale where Lissa will be submitted as Queen due to the introduction of her half-sister as the family member who can stand with her. This will also lead to the discovery of the person who killed Queen Tatiana. No one will expect who the real killer was or why they did it. All the little strings that they started from the very first book will finally will be brought together in this culminating moment. The end will be a happy one the ones that are meant to be together will be together and Rose will have been broken of her Shadow Kissed status by actually dying for a couple seconds. She will have been brought back by normal means and Lissa and her can move forward as normal, for them, lives. The end.

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  1. Great episode storyboard/script would love to see that especially with the current actors that featured in the film, but ‘Bloodlines’ is the sequel to ‘Vampire Academy’ and it would be good to have a series of both books together and enjoy both.


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  3. Estou confusa,existe ou não a serie de Vampire Academy???


  4. I would love if they included Bloodlines into all this, but let’s hope they wait for The Ruby Circle to come out before they decide anything because apparently there’s going to be a big shock for the whole VA world!
    So we may need to keep some foreshadowing going throughout all of it…
    maybe we can web series it with the fans if all doesn’t turn out right.

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