Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

Vampire Academy, a Litflix

David and I went and saw Vampire Academy this weekend. I have personally been looking forward to it because I really enjoyed the books. It is great because it created a new mythology and had two strong female leads. It is a young adult series, but it still dealt with a lot of bigger issues, politics, fate, destiny, growing up, etc, at the same time it takes the whole series to get to that point. The movie just covers the first part of the series and it can be difficult to go through a whole new mythology and structure while also telling a decent story.

The movie did a good job at telling the basics of the story in the book. The problem that kind of occurred is the fact that they seemed to explain things after the fact instead of as they were going along, which ended up being a bit confusing at points. In some ways they followed the book too closely as the reveals in the book happen over a long period of time and you keep wondering what is happening. In the movie it just seems too much like a red herring and trying to mislead the watcher. Continue reading