Resident Evil, a Re-watch

Often when I am cooking I like to watch either a show or movie that I do not have to fully pay attention to. This can either due to it being incredibly predictable or more likely because I have seen it before. I need to make a couple of dips for a gathering that I am going to tomorrow so David and I decided to put on Resident Evil. I have caught bits and pieces of it on tv every once in a while, but I had not watched it all the way through in a while. It still is a fun movie to watch, with a pretty decent plot, while still be very much a zombie movie.

The first movie has a quality that the others don’t and some of that is mystery. When we watch the first Resident Evil we do not know what is happening and the movie opens with a lot of mayhem happening with a lot of people dying. They build to the truth of what is happening and really do a great job of it. So here are some of my impressions from re-watching Resident Evil.


The later Resident Evil movies just become more and more ridiculous, which are still pretty fun to watch, but they take more and more suspension of belief. The first movie had one cgi monster and everything else was about the zombies. It works really well because it is all taking place in an underground bunker. Enclosed spaces and zombies are a great fit because it is hard to get away from them in small spaces, especially with how many there are. The evil corporation doing experimentation that goes wrong is believable and we see early on that someone caused the situation by breaking a vial. At first we do not know what is going on and slowly, but surely they reveal hints and clues.

Computer Graphics

They did a pretty good job with making sure the graphic elements stood the test of time. Some of that comes down to it being almost entirely zombies that they are dealing with. The make up department did a pretty good job of making a lot of walking undead. They even had zombie dogs that turned out pretty well, partly because it does look like they covered actual dogs in a substance of some sort instead of doing a bunch of computer graphics. The one creature that is computer graphics is not the best at the same time he does not get much screen time.

Subtle References

Now this is something that I had not really noticed before, but David pointed out that there are a lot of fairly subtle references to the umbrella corporation on items. No the places that you often see it is on bullets and casings. It makes sense if you think of Umbrella as really a weapons manufacturer, why wouldn’t they make their own bullets as well. They are making so much more than simple weapons they are trying to build the ultimate super soldier. It is interesting to see what they put the umbrella corporation branding on.

How You Fight

One of the interesting things they present with this movie is how you fight the evil corporation. One side just wants to expose the wrongs being done by the corporation, to let the world know what is happening. The other side just wants to burn the corporation to the ground because they are obviously too powerful to fight by conventional means. It is kind of an interesting juxtaposition consider who ends up to be to blame for what happened.

Computer’s Can Be Right

In science fiction when we discuss an intelligent computer it is often not in good terms. We have a healthy fear of the day the computer overlords will come in and be making decisions for us. So it makes sense to us when at the beginning the computer systems seem to be going crazy that the problem is the computer. With the doors getting locked down and system doing things that are unexpected then of course the entire system has gone wrong. This movie proves that sometimes we should talk to the computer first because it might actually have a good reason for doing what it did because it could actually be right. Of course we would never want to admit that a computer was right in killing a bunch of people, but there are times I could see it being the case.

Future Movies

It has been a while since I watched the other Resident Evil movies, but I seem to remember just an increasing level of ridiculousness. By the fourth one they had made her so powerful they had to nerf her for part of the movie, but you could only have that last for so long. The first movie is a very different experience in comparison. Now I have only seen through the fourth movie, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the fifth and the sixth one is, supposedly out this year, but I do not have high hopes. At the same time I can expect Alice kicking ass and taking names, which is really why any future movies seem to have been made.

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