Interesting Recent Trailers

We have an on-again off-again relationship with trailers here at Comparative Geeks. One of our earliest ideas on the blog was what we called Trailer Watch – new trailers and our thoughts. However, these posts don’t seem to get much traction. That, or we can’t tell if you like the posts – given we can’t tell if you watch an embedded video!

And then trailers did a lot to mess with us or make us angry last year – which I talked about some here. Especially movies like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness did a lot with their trailers and their hype engine – the former to great success, and the latter, not so much. So the world of trailers is shifting and changing, and there have been some interesting moves lately.

So, onward for a traditional trailer for Game of Thrones, an interesting “behind the scenes” trailer for the animated Lego Movie, a fun fake trailer for an Avengers vs. Justice League movie, and then the recent non-trailer hype move for Days of Future Past. At the end, a question to you about whether I should do more around trailers!

Game of Thrones

So first off, just because it’s exciting, the trailer for Season 4 of Game of Thrones. For those keeping score at home, this is really season 3.5 based on the books… Which is okay, because it stalls and gives George R.R. Martin time to write A Song of Ice and Fire.

“There is only one Hell, the one we live in now.” Yes, I saw what happened to young Theon Greyjoy. I will have to agree.

The Lego Movie – Behind the Bricks

There have been several more traditional trailers for The Lego Movie, which is probably a good idea, because it takes some explanation. It’s a different sort of movie, with references to a lot of pop culture, but not based on something else. If anything, it’s based on the Lego Video Games, and the humor they have been building there.

This trailer, however, is interviews with the characters… of an animated movie. Kind of awesome. Don’t believe me? Then just wait for Morgan Freeman.

He could make the phone book sound interesting.

Avengers Vs. Justice League

Oh, whoops, looks like this one isn’t all that new, and maybe you’ve seen it. I was thinking about doing a whole post about it, but couldn’t figure out how to say more than one or two paragraphs. So, these are those paragraphs. This is decently well done with clips from The Avengers, and then with scenes and lines from a bevvy of DC films. What this shows to me in part is just how far ahead Marvel is in this battle, with their giant combined franchise movie existing – while the DC scenes pull from movies that aren’t even close to being in the same cinematic universe. And hey, we get a new Batman next year, so… yeah. Not getting warmer.

Also interesting is I feel like this creator is a DC fan… the Avengers feel like the villains, maybe setting a serum into the water supply? Oh noes! Too bad for that DC fan, then…

X-Men: Days of Future Past

x-men-days-of-future-past-peter-dinklage-trask-empireAnd last but not least, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Today was the big reveal day for Empire Magazine and its 25th Anniversary issue, which they are celebrating with 25 covers – all dedicated to Days of Future Past. The reveals of the covers were happening on Twitter, but were not easy to follow – they got the cast to share the photos of each other, like Hugh Jackman sharing Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, and Ian McKellen sharing Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. So it’s not actually that easy to find on Twitter… try searching #Empire25.

Or, check out this link, where they have at least the first 21 covers compiled, as I post this:

The hype around this movie has been crazy, with Bryan Singer tweeting all sorts of reveals, a huge cast coming together – bigger than The Avengers – and several interesting viral videos (which I shared here). And these covers? Yeah, they still have me excited. But this movie is going to have a LOT going on – the introduction of a couple of the new characters may be rough. We’ll see how that goes.

Big Game Commercials Coming Up

So I’ll skip using its Official Title (TM), this time, but there should be a bunch of trailers by this time next week for movies this year. Last year, I did this post linking all the trailers, and according to the stats, nobody looked at it! So… is this wasted effort? Or would you like these compiled again this year? Vote in the poll!

What trailers are you hoping they’ll reveal this coming Sunday? And will there be another viral Days of Future Past trailer? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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