Console Exclusives

So now that we have a PS3 I have gotten to play a lot of the PS3 exclusive games. In particular I have recently been playing Ni No Kuni and I love it. Which makes sense because I love Final Fantasy games and as Ni No Kuni is a jrpg also it makes sense that I would see similarities. It also explains why I am loving playing this game. It does not hurt that the art is done by Studio Ghibli, which just makes it gorgeous. Playing this game has gotten me thinking about the difference between exclusives available to the different consoles.

Particularly I have been wondering if we missed out on games by getting the Xbox 360 first. Many of the games we played on the Xbox 360 we could have played on the PS3. So what is the difference between getting the Xbox 360 and getting a PS3 earlier on? Also, how might this effect what we choose for the next generation of consoles?


So, something I do not mention enough is at the time the Xbox 360 was cheaper and we actually got a bundle deal of getting the Xbox 360 with Final Fantasy XIII. Money can definitely create the tipping point between purchasing or not. At the time of the purchase there was not a PS3 exclusive that we were really looking at and with the lack of backwards compatibility meant that we could not use our PS2 games on it. David liked to play the Halo games and we had heard good things about the console so why not. Then we got to pick up the PS3 for really cheap, so we are not really missing out yet.

Now with the next generation consoles cost will definitely be a factor and I think we are probably a good long way out from picking up either the Xbox One or the PS4. At the same time the price difference is making the PS4 look more attractive currently.

Xbox 360

The exclusives that I really liked for the Xbox 360 was Mass Effect, which had a lot of potential spoilers. The game had a really strong story and it would have been disappointing to learn about certain elements before I got to experience them. Of course then there was the incredible let down of the third installment, but we will forget that for now. David and I were both consumed by those games and spent a lot of time playing them. So in some ways the investment of the Xbox 360 was worth it from that perspective.

We also ended up with quite a few Xbox arcade games that were fantastic and we have spent many an hour playing. The Xbox arcade games have definitely been a great addition to our gaming repertoire. Now will these same type of games be available on the Xbox One and how much does it really matter. Many of the arcade games, while having a lot of replay-ability and not being too expensive do not take as long as some of the bigger name games. So if all you had was arcade games to play would the console really be worth it. So far the Xbox One has not shown me a game that I would say is a must have for me that I could not get on PS4.


Now, I have not gotten to play many of the PS3 exclusives yet and I do not feel as though I have been spoiled on any of them. Although that could be that I never cared to read too much about games I was not playing or could not play. At the same time a lot of them I have been really curious about and am really excite to be able to play. So far the exclusives have not disappointed. I made it all the way through Uncharted 3, started Little Big Planet, and started Ni No Kuni and so far have enjoyed all of them. As I play more PS3 exclusives and enjoy them it definitely makes me question whether in this next round getting a PS4 would not be such a bad idea. All the games I played on the Xbox 360 were available on the PS 3 we had just gotten the Xbox 360 first.

Decision Factors

There are other deciding factors, but console exclusives can make a big difference in the desirability of a console. Right now I am not seeing either console with an exclusive that tips the scales for me. Also, with all the PS3 exclusives I need to play I have enough time to be taken up with other items. I will be interested to see what exclusives come out for each of the consoles as time goes on.

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